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Ferrochrome & Chrome Metal

Metalshub is the leading digital B2B platform for the iron and steel industry. Foundries and Steel Mills use our platform to purchase ferroalloys like HCFeCr, MCFeCr, LCFeCr and Chrome Metal from a global pool of qualified traders and producers. Our Ferrochrome Price Indices help our customers make data driven trading decisions. In 2020, we observed Ferrochrome prices at 1.53 - 3.77 €/kg Cr and Chrome Metal Lump prices at 6.25 - 6.85 E/kg Cr.

Frequently traded on Metalshub

Chrome is mainly used in the production of stainless steel, special steel, refractories, and chemicals.

NamePrice Range 2020AbbreviationSize (mm)Cr Content (%)
High Carbon Ferrochrome 1.59 - 1.70 EUR/kg CrHCFeCr 0.5-10 (fines) 65-75
High Carbon Ferrochrome 1.53 - 1.64 EUR/kg CrHCFeCr 10-100 (lumpy) 65-75
Medium Carbon Ferrochrome 2.80 - 3.30 EUR/kg CrMCFeCr 10-100 65-75
Low Carbon Ferrochrome 2.78 - 3.77 EUR/kg CrLCFeCr 10-100 65-100
Chrome Metal Lumps 6.25 - 6.85 EUR/kg CrCr metal 5-80 99-100
Nitrided Ferrochrome5.30 - 6.00 EUR/kg CrNFeCr10-5060-75

Ferrochrome Material Data Sheet

Access data on all commercially relevant Chrome grades, traded on the Metalshub Marketplace.

Application of relevant Chrome types

High Carbon Ferrochrome (HCFeCr):

Ferrochrome, like ferromanganese, is classified by the amounts of carbon contained in the alloy. High Carbon Ferrochrome  contains a minimum chromium content of 65 wt% and a maximum carbon content of 9wt.%. More than 80% of the world's ferrochrome production is used for the production of corrosion and heat resistant stainless steels, which can have a chromium content of more than 10.5wt.%.

Medium Carbon Ferrochrome (MCFeCr):

Ferrochrome alloy with a minimum Chromium content of  65wt.-% and a maximum carbon content of 2wt.-%.

Low Carbon Ferrochrome (LCFeCr):

Ferrochrome alloy with a minimum Chromium content of  60wt.-% and a maximum carbon content of 0.1wt.-%.

Nitrided Ferrochrome (NFeCr):

In stainless steels elements like Nickel can be substituted partly by Nitrited Ferrochrome to reduce production costs. 

Chrome Metal briquettes (Chrome briqs):

Chrome metal is available in the form briquettes reducing dust loss and improving handling

Chrome Metal lumps (Chrome lumps):

Besides briquettes, Chromium metal can also be available in lumpy form.

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