What does Metalshub offer you?

Expand your business network

Access to a large pool of buyers and sellers of specialty metals and ferroalloys. 

Innovative services

Integrated logistics, credit insurance and trade financing services.

Trusted companies

Metalshub performs thorough Know Your Customer due diligence on all platform participants.

Digital process

Fully digital end-to-end process leads to low transaction costs.

Low fees

No registration or membership fees. Sellers only pay when they transact.


Easy and straight forward to use.

“The future is digital commodity trading – Metalshub connects from Düsseldorf the consumers, producers and traders from the metals and ferroalloys business around the world with their innovative, digital marketplace.”


“…after several big producers, consumers and traders of the steel industry registered on Metalshub, the digital and innovative platform started last week successfully.”


“For base metals there are large international exchanges. But not for chrome, titanium and manganese. The Metalshub founders aim to bring these markets onto their digital trading platform.



“Online platforms emerging in industrial metals – The platform is an online marketplace focusing on ferro-alloys and metals to promote a more efficient and liquid physical market.”

What our customers say about us


“Metalshub allows us to more quickly reach new customers than through other sales channels. By using the platform, we can easily conclude transactions with reliable buyers and see all relevant information at a glance. Clarifying mails and calls belong to the past!”

Christian Jessen – Key Account Manager Cronimet


“With Metalshub we have a digital platform for purchasing ferroalloys and metals that is integrated in our offer process. The result is a fully digital process which allows a faster time-to-offer.”

Johanna Stadtler – Managing Director tsf tübinger stahlfeinguss

matteo bild

„Metalshub is true to its name and for us is really an Hub where our Metals can be exchanged with final consumers around the world.”

Matteo Chareun – Trader at Euromet SA


“We are very happy to be a stable and active supplier on this platform, to get to know more customers and to supply our reliable products combined with your excellent service.”

Stella Li – Molybdenum Sales Manager JDC


“Metalshub is very convenient and user-friendly. We finished our transaction with a couple of clicks, and all went pretty well. We are very satisfied with the platform, so I am sure that we will keep using it a lot.”

Claire Wang – Marketing Manager at V-Resource Ltd.

Our users

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