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SMR is specialised in providing market intelligence covering specific segments or entire markets for the global Speciality Steel Industry. The results of their research projects are based on a vast scale data-collection, comprising present and historical information about the supply side (production), trade (exports and imports) and demand side (consumption) of the specific steel products in question. 

Starting from an extensive database collected since 1994, they carry out detailed surveys into the topics defined by their customers in order to be able to elaborate a complete set of recommendations for strategic action. Their customers are leading specialty steel producers, traders as well as their raw material and technology suppliers.

Joining Forces to Drive Market Insights

We are nowadays navigating in a challenging economic environment: information moves fast, unpredictability about the future is constant, agility is then crucial; raising the need for high quality and reliable data. In order to provide such data, digitalisation opens the door to real time, direct information. In volatile markets such as the metals and steel industries, it is vital to have current and reliable price indices accessible. 

Together with the leading market research company which provides market intelligence for the specialty steel industries, SMR, we have joined forces to expand and promote the price indices for metals and ferro-alloys currently offered by Metalshub. Based on real data from market transactions, the Metalshub price indices are a groundbreaking change in the way price discovery happens in the industry today.
"Raw materials are the biggest cost factor for any special steel producer. Having access to 100% accurate, real time raw material prices is a key success factor for the decision makers along the entire supply chain from raw material suppliers, steel mills, but also distributors and fabricators. 

The way such prices are ‘collected’ today does not deliver what is needed. Just think that stock prices on the NYSE would be set through phone calls to buyers and sellers without any possibility to verify whether what they tell you is correct. This would be unthinkable. But this is how raw material prices are ‘produced’ today. 

Metalshub’s trading system generates transaction-based prices, just like the NYSE. That’s why SMR is very happy to partner with Metalshub to be able to provide our customers along the entire supply chain with accurate raw material prices."

Markus Moll, Managing Director at SMR

“I have known Markus Moll and SMR for many years, they are an undisputed thought leader in the stainless steel industry. We are very happy to partner with a company which has the same high quality standards and shares our ambition to drive the industry forward to the benefit of all its stakeholders.”

“Metalshub has built a liquid metals trading ecosystem focused on raw materials consumed by the iron and steel industry. Through its supply chain solution Metalshub has fed the creation of its own price indices for metals and ferroalloys.” 

“The cooperation with SMR focuses on marketing initiatives to support the adoption of Metalshub indices in long-term contracts.”

Sebastian Kreft, Co-Founder at Metalshub

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