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Manganese Alloys and Manganese Metal

Manganese alloys include various ferromanganese and silicomanganese grades. Based on the Metalshub Price Index, the price of Manganese Metal Flakes in Q2 2021 ranged from 2,269-2,903 €/mt. High Carbon Ferromanganese ranged from 1,106-1,310 €/mt and Silicomanagense ranged from 1,217-1,460 €/mt. The Metalshub price Index uses methodology validated by leading industry experts, helping customers make data-driven trading decisions.

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Manganese is added to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel.

NameAbbreviationSize (mm)Mn Content (%)
High Carbon Ferromanganese HCFeMn 2-10 (fines) 75-80
High Carbon Ferromanganese HCFeMn 10-100 (lumpy) 75-80
Medium Carbon Ferromanganese MCFeMn10-10075-85
Low Carbon FerromanganeseLCFeMn10-10075-85
Silicomanganese SiMn 10-100 65-75
Manganese metal lump Mn Met Lump 10-100 95-100
Manganese metal briquettesMn Met Briq50X3097-100
Manganese metal flakes Mn Met Flakes0-10099.7-100

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Application of relevant Manganese types

High Carbon Ferromanganese (HCFeMn):

High carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn) is the most widely used ferroalloy in terms of quantity. It usually has a manganese content of 70-80 wt% and a carbon content of 6-8 wt% During the production process, slags with a high content of manganese oxide are formed, which can be refined in further process steps to Silicomanganese (SiMn), Low carbon Ferromanganese (LCFeMn) or to Manganese metal.

Medium Carbon Ferromanganese (MCFeMn):

Ferromanganese alloy with a manganese content 75-90 wt% and a carbon content of 0.5-2 wt%.

Low Carbon Ferromanganese (LCFeMn):

Ferromanganese alloy with a manganese content 80-95 wt% and a carbon content of 0-0.5 wt%.

Ferromanganese briquettes (FeMn briqs): 

The compaction of Ferromanganese alloys of fine grain sizes into Ferromanganese briquettes briquettes can reduce dust losses and improve handling. 

Manganese metal flakes (Mn metal flakes):

Electrolytic manganese flakes, commonly referred as manganese metal flakes, with a minimum manganese content of 99.7 wt%, are mainly used by steel mills.  

Manganese metal briquettes (Mn metal briqs):

Manganese metal briquettes can be used as a substitute for flakes reducing dust loss and improving handling.

Manganese metal lumps (Mn metal lumps):

Besides flakes and briquettes, Mn metal can also be available in lumpy form.

Silicomanganese (SiMn):

Silicomanganese has additional silicon, which acts as a more powerful deoxidiser. Compared to the standard FeSi75 and HCFeMn, the use of silicomanganese also leads to a smaller increase in carbon, which makes it a preferred substitute.


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