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Ferromanganese & Manganese Alloys

Metalshub is the leading digital B2B platform for the iron and steel industry. Foundries and Steel Mills use our platform to purchase ferroalloys like Ferromanganese from a global pool of qualified traders and producers. Our Ferromanganese Price Indices help our customers make data driven trading decisions. In 2020, we observed FeMn prices at 900 - 2000 €/mt, SiMn prices at 915 - 1050 €/mt and manganese metal prices at 1500 - 2400 €/mt.

Frequently traded on Metalshub

Manganese is added to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel.

NamePrice Range 2020AbbreviationSize (mm)Mn Content (%)
High Carbon Ferromanganese 900-1100 EUR/mt HCFeMnHCFeMn 2-10 (fines) 75-80
High Carbon Ferromanganese 850-1000 EUR/mt HCFeMnHCFeMn 10-100 (lumpy) 75-80
Medium Carbon Ferromanganese 1240-1445 EUR/mt MCFeMnMCFeMn10-10075-85
Low Carbon Ferromanganese1445-2000 EUR/mt LCFeMnLCFeMn10-10075-85
Silicomanganese 915-1050 EUR/mt SiMnSiMn 10-100 65-75
Manganese metal lump 1600-2400 EUR/mt Mn Met LumpMn Met Lump 10-100 95-100
Manganese metal briquettes1500-2200 EUR/mt Mn Met BriqMn Met Briq50X3097-100
Manganese metal flakes 1500-2300 EUR/mt Mn Met FlakesMn Met Flakes0-10099.7-100

Ferromanganese Material Data Sheet

Access data on all commercially relevant Manganese grades, traded on the Metalshub Marketplace.

Application of relevant Manganese types

High Carbon Ferromanganese (HCFeMn):

High carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn) is the most widely used ferroalloy in terms of quantity. It usually has a manganese content of 70-80 wt.% and a carbon content of 6-8 wt.% During the production process, slags with a high content of manganese oxide are formed, which can be refined in further process steps to Silicomanganese (SiMn), Low carbon Ferromanganese (LCFeMn) or to Manganese metal.

Medium Carbon Ferromanganese (MCFeMn):

Ferromanganese alloy with a manganese content 75-90 wt.-% and a carbon content of 0.5-2 wt.-%.

Low Carbon Ferromanganese (LCFeMn):

Ferromanganese alloy with a manganese content 80-95 wt.-% and a carbon content of 0-0.5 wt.-%.

Ferromanganese briquettes (FeMn briqs): 

The compaction of Ferromanganese alloys of fine grain sizes into Ferromanganese briquettes briquettes can reduce dust losses and improve handling. 

Manganese metal flakes (Mn metal flakes):

Electrolytic manganese flakes, commonly referred as manganese metal flakes, with a minimum manganese content of 99.7 wt.%, are mainly used by steel mills.  

Manganese metal briquettes (Mn metal briqs):

Manganese metal briquettes can be used as a substitute for flakes reducing dust loss and improving handling.

Manganese metal lumps (Mn metal lumps):

Besides flakes and briquettes, Mn metal can also be available in lumpy form.

Silicomanganese (SiMn):

Silicomanganese has additional silicon, which acts as a more powerful deoxidiser. Compared to the standard FeSi75 and HCFeMn, the use of silicomanganese also leads to a smaller increase in carbon, which makes it a preferred substitute.

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