Ferroalloy prices July 2017

In our last update on ferroalloy prices in June 2017, we pointed to the positive development of prices from November 2016 to April 2017. We also pointed to the stagnation of prices in May 2017 and to the decline in prices in June 2017.

The recent negative trend appears to continue for now: Prices of most ferroalloys stagnated or went down in July 2017.

Ferrochrome, ferromolybdenum and ferroboron in particular lost some ground. The only exception is ferrovanadium – its price increased by 14% in July 2017, climbing to over 40 $/kg.

In our last blog post published on August 1st 2017 we analyze why the ferrovanadium price has rallied so much recently. The sharp increase in the vanadium price mainly boils down to a reduction of vanadium production in China due to changes in the government’s import and environmental policies. Check out our respective blog post to receive further insights.

Your metalshub team