Digitally Empowered Procurement

  • Discover new suppliers

  • Embed compliance workflows

  • Take data-driven decisions

  • Generate cost savings

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Schmidt + ClemensBenteler

Procurement Solution

The industry-leading source-to-contract solution to help companies optimise raw materials procurement

  • Supplier recommendation

  • KYC due diligence checks

  • Supplier onboarding

  • Supplier relationship mgmt.

  • Private & public enquiries

  • Auction & tender modi

  • Scrap multi-element pricing

  • Scope 3 CO2 data capture

  • Compare & normalise offers

  • User permission mgmt.

  • Approval workflow mgmt.

  • Contract customisation

  • Savings performance analysis

  • Supplier feedback & evaluation

  • Customised dashboards

  • ERP & other integrations

Dirk Reimann

Head of Central Purchasing & Logistics

Schmidt + Clemens

“The purchase of raw materials in a global company must be organised efficiently. With Metalshub, we use a tool to view and manage all our purchasing activities in one place.”

Why Metalshub

Digital raw materials procurement designed for the industry


Raw material categories actively traded on Metalshub

8 – 10

New suppliers found & onboarded in the first year of using Metalshub

1 – 4%

Saved on average on direct raw material cost

< 4 weeks

Required to onboard to the platform and start buying

Customer Use Case

Scrap Procurement with Metalshub

For many steel mills and foundries, scrap is the most important raw material. Access to clean scrap and efficient logistics are at the top of the procurement teams’ agenda. This is why we have built Metalshub in a way to optimise the procurement process and allow buyers to tap into a vast network of scrap suppliers. Industry-tailored features to facilitate the scrap procurement process include:

  • Multi-element scrap pricing

  • Scheduling & call-offs

Procurement Solution Feature Spotlights

Supplier Discovery & Onboarding

Finding new suppliers has never been easier. Benefit from >1,400 vetted industry participants. Collect IATF conformant information about your suppliers in minutes with our customised onboarding flow.

Nick Bolton

Group Commodity Buyer

MAT Foundry Group

“We have seen a huge benefit when auditors, such as the IATF for the automotive industry, need to access our data as every trade needs to be conducted with an approved supplier. The IATF loved the way the data was stored in Metalshub, everything they needed was there. If there was anything done outside of Metalshub, there were always additional things we needed to chase or check.”

Compare Screen

Compare and normalise offers to quickly identify the most suitable supplier. Take data-driven decisions to unlock raw material cost savings. 

Approval Management

Stay compliant with your policies when you use our approval management workflows. Coupled with user permissions, Metalshub guarantees compliance in your trades.

Performance Analysis

Analyse listing performance, savings, CO2 emissions, and more with Metalshub. Access your existing supplier base and take data-driven buying decisions.

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