Alloying elements in steel production

Steel is present in almost every industry in the World. Every steel relies on a combination of additives such as ferroalloys. Those ferroalloys or alloying elements influence steel properties so it meets the desirable requirements needed for given application.

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Did you ever wonder what the advantages of different alloys bring to steel production? In this blog post, we provide a complete rundown of the most common elements in steel and their effects on steel properties.

There are various types of steels on the market designated for specific applications - some must be more resistant to water, some require to be high machinable, and other high tensile strength or toughness. What do steel mills add to steels to boost their properties? Which alloying elements are used to achieve which properties? What are the usual amounts of each of the elements?


In the table above, we provide you with a quick overview of the most common alloying elements used in steel production. Additionally, we describe the effects on steel properties and the most common amounts that are being used.

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