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Metalshub kick-starts a collaboration with LME

to promote more sustainable and digital supply chain solutions for the metals industry

As the metal industry’s digital supply chain services and price intelligence platform, Metalshub has formed a strategic collaboration with the leading exchange for industrial metals, the London Metal Exchange (LME). The collaboration will expand Metalshub’s offering to LME traded base metals such as aluminium, copper and zinc. Moreover, Metalshub and the LME will join forces to provide a solution to the industry for tracking the CO2 footprint of metal products through the supply chain.

What is LMEpassport?

To ensure the transparency on purity, size, and sustainability of metals, LMEpassport, the new electronic certificates of analysis (CoA) and digital credentials register from the LME was designed and applied on metals.

LME Metals Soon on Our Platform


Aluminium that will be available on our platform are: Aluminium alloys with Al content > 70%, Alumina, Low carbon aluminium, and more.


Copper that will be available on our platform are: Semi-fabricated copper, Copper concentrate, Low carbon copper, and more.


Zinc that will be available on our platform are: Zinc concentrate,

Zinc concentrate TC/RCs,

and Zinc slab.

Frequently Asked Questions about Partnership with LME

The LME does not have an equity stake in Metalsub but the collaboration is commercial in nature.

Base metal customers (seller, producers and traders) can already register and sell products to our existing customer base in the iron and steel industry. However, the inter-trading of base metals will start next year in a systematic onboarding process.

There are no charge for companies using the LME price as a reference in contracts on Metalshub besides the standard transaction fees.

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