Metalshub started a collaboration agreement with the London Metals Exchange in 2021

As the metal industry’s digital supply chain solution, Metalshub has formed a strategic collaboration with the leading exchange for industrial metals, the London Metal Exchange (LME). 

The collaboration has expanded Metalshub’s offering to LME traded base metals such as aluminium and copper. Moreover, Metalshub and the LME have joined forces to provide a solution to the industry for tracking the CO2 footprint of metal products throughout the whole supply chain.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with Metalshub to develop and deliver digital supply chain services to our global industrial user base. Physical metals trading needs are increasingly being met with digital solutions, which offer benefits such as transparency, efficiency and easily evidenced compliance with procurement requirements.

As the global centre for industrial metals futures trading, the LME is well-positioned to expand the Metalshub product base and develop its direct connectivity with the physical market.”

Robin Martin, LME Head of Market Development

“We share common values and a common vision for the future with the LME. Metal markets have to become more transparent and with it digital. Together with the LME we are providing a digital trading venue for non exchange traded physical commodities and help to create transparency in otherwise opaque markets.

We are also working together on limiting global warming by providing the digital infrastructure for audit proof digital evidence of the CO2 footprint of a metal product. The LME passport system is a great example of bringing digital certificates into the Metalshub solution.

Dr. Frank Jackel, Co-Founder of Metalshub

What is LME Passport?

To ensure the transparency on purity, size, and sustainability of metals, LMEpassport, the new electronic certificates of analysis (CoA) and digital credentials register from the LME was designed and applied on metals.

Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) and sustainability credentials, being stored in a centralised digital register that represents the first step to enhance the visibility of metals sustainability throughout an infrastructure. 

Together with the Metalshub, it brings relevant sustainability information to the point of sale and empowers users to digitally track their material flows.

Product rollout

Metalshub has built a liquid metals trading ecosystem focused on raw materials consumed by the iron and steel industry. The cooperation with the LME launches the expansion of this scope towards all LME base metals and other metal products. 

The product pipeline is developed jointly with industrial user groups.

The strategic collaboration between Metalshub and the LME is based on a long-term contract between the two parties and does not involve any equity ties. Data privacy and security remains the highest priority for Metalshub as it enters into this collaboration remaining fully independent.

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