Bye bye 2020: Our successful year at a glance

The end of a challenging and one-of-a-kind year is near. Learn more about how the Metalshub vision has helped the industry move forward over the past year.

In a few weeks, we say goodbye to 2020. A year, that was full of challenges and opportunities not only for everyone in the iron and steel industry but also for Metalshub. It was a year, where we had to overcome obstacles, mainly because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, but at the same time, celebrated numerous successes and made enormous progress.

Here is a brief overview of our achievements over the past 12 months, that we couldn’t have reached without all of our users, advocates, and skeptics motivating us to improve and move forward!

300-million-dollar GMV

The year 2020 did not go as anyone has expected or hoped for. COVID-19 has put its strain on people, countries, and the global economy. However, two words perfectly describe our 2020: resilience and growth.

With disrupted supply chains, travel bans, and people working from home, the market quickly realised how important digitalisation is to optimise and make core processes more efficient. In particular, we saw the market adapting when it came to selling and buying metals and ferroalloys.

At Metalshub we felt this change, as over $300M worth of metals and ferroalloys were successfully transacted over Metalshub this year. A threefold increase compared to the GMV traded over the platform in 2019.

On top of that, Metalshub celebrated its third anniversary of the launch of the platform on the 13th of December. At the same time, we celebrated 36 months of platform operations without any technical downtime - so here is a toast to our excellent IT team!

Expanded team power

Not only has the trading activity on the platform increased this year, so has the manpower in our team.

Despite the economic uncertainty our team has now more than tripled since 2018. Back then, we had only 10 team members. Today, we have 30 people from 10 different nationalities who work together to achieve our vision: To bring digital transformation and efficiency to the iron and steel industry. Not to forget, the 3 newborns who came into the Metalshub family over the year😊

With our expanding family, we’ve also worked hard to keep the team spirit high through the lockdowns, and we did not stop having fun together: quiz & poker nights, weekly team meetings, and to finish off the year, we’re throwing a virtual Christmas party too.

New ground-breaking platform features & services

In response to the growing number of users on our platform, Metalshub launched its live chat feature to enable direct, real-time, and much easier communication between buyers and sellers of metals and ferroalloys.

We have also streamlined the negotiation process, developed the Supplier Data Management feature, and the Auction Mode. All these features were created to help the increasing number of users to be more successful, who now use Metalshub as their exclusive purchasing and sales tool for raw materials, have increased success when trading on the platform.

In November, we also launched our Price Indices Service. With this service, users can view price indices for 6 products in the trading flow, as well as see container freight indices from our partner Freightos. The Price Indices Services are unique in that they are the first prices indices for ferroalloys in the market, which are 100% based on real transactions.

EIT award nomination

Thanks to our users and peers, we were nominated for the EIT Awards 2020! Not only is this kind of recognition an honour, but it is also a testimony to the product and company we are building with the support of our users.

With all these good news, successes, and exciting projects, we are more than ready to continue giving our best in the upcoming year.

"We thank all our users and supporters. They all motivate us to work hard every day and make it easier, faster, and safer for our users to buy and sell metals - 2021 we look forward to you!", says Co-Founder Sebastian Kreft

The Metalshub team wishes you and your loved ones, happy holidays and a New Year filled with health, love, and prosperity!

Any comments or feedback, please contact us - info@metals-hub.com

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