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Metalshub launches ground-breaking Price Indices Service

Metalshub has launched its new price indices service creating a fair and more transparent price discovery. Eliminating price opacity through pricing data for those selling and buying metals and ferroalloys.


Everyone in the industry wants to know the price of a product before they sell or buy it. In volatile markets such as the metals and steel industries, it is vital to have current and reliable price indices to look to.

Therefore, the online trading platform launched on the 5th of November 2020 its Metalshub Price Discovery Service. A service that publishes price indices on different ferroalloys every week. Making it a reality for buyers and sellers of metals and ferroalloys to have reliable and current price indices to lean on.

Based on real data from market transactions, the Metalshub price indices forebode a groundbreaking change in the way price discovery happens in the industry today.

The first ferroalloys to be monitored in the Metalshub Price Discovery Service are the following: Ferrosilicon, Ferrochrome, Ferromolybdenum, Ferrovanadium, Ferromanganese, and Manganese Metal. Taking its first steps into the world of pricing data, these six indices will be followed by more in the upcoming months.

The price indices are available to members of the platform and subscribers of the Metalshub Price Discovery Service.

Revolutionizing industry price intelligence

Not having price information at hand, the price-reporting agencies do the best they can to get a hold of the information they need. Nevertheless, basing price indices on data obtained through journalistically reported trade and indications of bids and offers questions the accuracy and reliability of the data. Considering the cumbersome information collection process, price indices are often not as current as one would prefer.

The new price indices from Metalshub overcome those issues. Based on real negotiations and contracts taking place on the Metalshub platform, buyers and sellers now have access to price indices without time lag. They can now trade without worrying about price changes due to the time lag in the price indices. Something that will have a considerable impact on profit and loss for buyers and sellers across the industry.

Ensuring that the industry has access to a fact-based and current price discovery service was a natural step to take for Metalshub or as our Co-founder Dr. Sebastian Kreft explains it:

“We provide digital tools which offer a clear added value. They boost business because they make it more efficient and reduce risk. This is about enabling people.”

The data behind the price indices

The price indices are based on data from negotiations and contracts taking place on Metalshub’s online trading platform.

Around 1000 companies trade metals and ferroalloys on the platform, generating more than 900 bids and offers per month. In 2019, buyers and sellers traded for around € 100 million, a trade that stands to be doubled to € 200 million in 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

The many negotiations and contracts every month make it possible to base the new price indices service on current and reliable data points. In effect, giving industry participants the best starting point for a transparent, precise, and fair trade of ferroalloys and special metals.

Want to learn more about Metalshub’s new Price Discovery Service?

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