Live chat function: enjoy direct communication with sellers and buyers!

Due to COVID-19, there is an increasing number of metals industry professionals who are working from home – this has highlighted the need for highly efficient communication tools, as they are now more important than ever.


In response to the growing number of users on our platform, Metalshub has launched a live chat feature to enable direct, real-time communication between buyers and sellers of metals and ferroalloys. The aim is to support the communication and overall work efficiency of our users.

The feature offers a few significant advantages:

  • Users can now have a complete communication tool that allows for direct interactions with suppliers, buyers and sellers through the platform (mails, chat, documents, contracts – all is included)
  • The chat facilitates the integration of the Metalshub business platform, into key business processes
  • Users can enjoy added convenience of as the communication, procurement and trading processes are all managed via the platform The launch has been marked with success as we have already seen an increased speed of negotiations and deals taking place over the platform since the launch of the feature.

Log in to your account now to test and enjoy the improved user experience.

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