New features unlocked: Easy access to your call-offs and feedback

It is our main goal to provide value-added services to our users that facilitate the use of our marketplace. In January, we added several features to improve the experience of our users and, more importantly, increase the effectiveness of the negotiations and transactions. Here are two of them that you should not miss.


Schedule your long-term contract call-offs

As a result of the enormous success of the recently introduced multiple delivery feature, we implemented a call-off function, to also manage the call-offs in the platform. The workflow now works as follows:

  • As a listing owner (buyer), you can press “Schedule call-off” on a contract with multiple deliveries
  • An input modal opens, where you can specify the time frame of your desired call-off
  • The seller then needs to confirm or reject the call-off to conclude the transaction

Based on this functionality, the entire multiple-delivery contract can be managed through the platform. If there is any functionality in this regard, that you miss, let us know.

Organize your Long-term Contract Call-Offs through the platform

Supplier feedback after rejecting negotiations

We received recommendations from our sellers that receiving feedback on rejected offers is very important. Plus, we see that buyers, who provide comprehensive feedback receive more offers on average in the long run. This is why we decided to make it easier for buyers to provide meaningful feedback to rejected negotiations.

  • When rejecting a negotiation, you can select from the options ‘Price’, ‘Contract Terms’, ‘Product Specifications’ and ‘Other’, in addition, you can provide a personal message to your counterparty
  • When you select price on fixed price negotiations, you can, but do not have to share the price at which you concluded the deal. Sharing this information helps your counterparty to make better negotiations in the future.

Supplier feedback after missed deals

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