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Scope 3 tracking

The metals industry accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions and metal companies are facing pressure to reduce their CO2 footprint. The process of calculating Scope 1 and 2 emissions is well established. However, tracking scope 3 emissions accurately and reliably is a complex challenge.

At Metalshub we provide our customers with the right tools to track, aggregate and eventually reduce their carbon footprint. In our solution the CO2 footprint of proposals can be made available at the point of purchase and thereby be incorporated in the decision process.


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Automate Scope 3 estimation

Automatically estimate Scope 3 emissions based on transaction history and benchmark values

Receive validated CO2 intensities from suppliers

CO2 emissions data is reported as part of the deal flow

Make CO2 data actionable

Compare CO2 intensities of offers in the negotiation process

Identify sustainable suppliers

View CO2 emission intensity report and identify suppliers that meet your sustainability goals

Exclusive LME Collaboration

We are digitalising and streamlining compliance tracking for CO2, ESG and performance benchmarking for the LME base metals market.

"Physical metals trading needs are increasingly being met with digital solutions, which offer benefits such as transparency, efficiency and easily evidenced compliance with procurement requirements." Robin Martin, Head of Market Development, LME

White paper

The digitalisation of supply chain reduces emissions

This white paper is about how digitalising the supply chain is a challenging yet necessary approach to sustainably reduce Scope 3 emissions in the metals industry.

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