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Build relationships with new customers through references, ratings and complete company profiles.

  • Discover new international customers

  • Access reliable customers that have passed our strict KYC check

Efficient Negotiations

Improve the negotiation process with your growing customer base.

  • Reduce contract negotiation time by negotiating and concluding deals digitally

  • Enable smooth communication and speed up your end-to-end information flow with your customers

Performance Analysis

Analyze your performance in the analytics centre.

  • Gain detailed insight to your trading activities in


  • Meet your customers' need through customer feedback and ratings

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Leonardo Manzaro

Founding Partner & CEO


The advantage that Metalshub has brought us was that of making us known as well as providing us with some customers that we could hardly have contacted in person, perhaps due to lack of contacts or incorrect evaluations on consumption, certainly more interesting than we could have thought.


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We take security seriously

  • Separate systems for our platform, internal services, and website

  • All servers have multiple firewalls and automated DDoS

  • Employees only have access to absolutely required data

  • State of the art mechanism for storing passwords (PBKDF2)

We are 100% independent

  • Our policy to ensure no one has access to data that could distort competition

  • Neutrality is guaranteed even in case of acquisitions

  • Full compliance with strict European competition laws

  • A work flow tool that enables automated processes & API into your ERP system

Spotlight on your business

  • Direct and efficient sales to broad customer base

  • Company profiles to advertise services to potential buyers

  • Frictionless supplier onboarding process

  • On-platform chat

Our Integrated Services

Business Intelligence

Analyse your entire deal history and benchmark your purchasing performance against our price indices


Access our comprehensive supplier database with KYC-checks, certificates, REACH registrations and other supplier data

Compliance Workflows

Secure action tracking and in-platform approval workflows help you be compliant


Request a payment extension of up to 120 days with our financing partners

How to use our platform

Registration and Product Notifications

How to Submit an Offer

How to expand your Profile

Manish Ranka

Managing Director

Starmett International limited

Since we have registered on Metalshub in 2018, the platform has greatly evolved to match our needs as a metals trader. It proves to be very useful in our daily operations.

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