Digitally Empowered Sales

  • Discover new buyers

  • Manage inventory

  • Embed compliance workflows

  • Take data-driven decisions

Sales Solution

The industry-leading solution to help companies optimise raw materials sales

  • Customer discovery

  • Know-your-customer checks

  • Customer relationship mgmt.

  • Enquiry management

  • Off-platform enquiry capture

  • Scope 3 CO2 data capture

  • Inventory allocation

  • Inventory management

  • Embedded forfaiting

  • Enquiry performance analysis

  • Customised dashboards

  • ERP integration

Dr. Sebastian Kreft

Co-Founder and Managing Director


“Frank and I worked many years selling metal for a global mining company and experienced the problem at first hand. Developing new customer segments, getting decision-relevant information in a timely manner, managing process workflows efficiently, none of it was easy. None of it was digitialised. We looked for a software solution to ease the pain and ended up building it.”

Why Metalshub

Digital raw material sales designed for the industry


Raw material categories actively traded on Metalshub


Miners, producers, trading companies, steel mills recycler and foundries


Single source of truth for all your transactions & sales data

< 4 weeks

Required to onboard to the platform and start selling

Customer Use Case

Nickel Enquiry & Inventory Management with Metalshub

Mining corporations receive numerous enquiries for their material. Picking the ones with the highest profit potential (netback) is often not straightforward. Keeping an overisght on material availability and allocating the right inventory lot to the enquiry can make the task even more complex. This is why we have built Metalshub in a way to optimise the enquiry & inventory management process and allow sellers to quickly capture & analyse all enquiries in one tool. Industry-tailored features to facilitate the metal sales process include:

  • Off-platform enquiry capture 

  • Enquiry win-rate analysis

  • Customised inventory states

  • Metalshub inventory-to-ERP integration 

Why Use Metalshub Sales Solution?

Make Better Decisions

When to sell what to whom?

Stop guessing – our sales solution provides transparency over all selling opportunities and helps you to take decisions, which maximise your netback.

Grow Your Business

With Metalshub you can grow your business by serving new customer segments. Discover new customers while our technology helps you to deal with the extra complexity.

Reduce Manual Mork

Make time for strategic tasks by automating operational tasks. For maximum efficiency, Metalshub integrates seamlessly into your other systems via API.


Embed Compliance Into Your Sales Process

Metalshub natively embeds the key steps required by internal governance & compliance so that you can negotiate and close deals without documentation requirements slowing you down.


Reduce Working Capital

With our integrated finance solution you can reduce your working capital and grow your business. Fast. Easy. Digital.

Sales Solution Feature Spotlights

Enquiry Management

All your transactions in one solution. All your raw materials buyers in one database. Analyse your negotiation performance analysis and expand your business with Metalshub.

Customer Discovery

Find new buyers with public enquiries and retain your peace of mind with our forfaiting service. We make it easier for you to find new business partners by showcasing your products, services, and references.

Inventory Management

Managing your inventory has never been easier. Allocate inventory while you win new deals on Metalshub.

Performance Analysis

Analyse enquiry performance, netback, CO2 emissions, and more with Metalshub. Raise your game through data. Analyse your win rate for enquiries and improve your offers with analytics.

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