Digitally Empowered Sales

  • Digitalise sales flows

  • Manage credit risk

  • Improve demand forecasting

  • Manage inventory and sales operations

  • Analyse sales performance

  • Manage contracts

"We lived the Problem, so we built the Solution."

Frank and I worked many years selling metal for a global mining company and experienced the problem at first hand.
Developing new customer segments, getting decision-relevant information in a timely manner, managing process workflows efficiently, none of it was easy. None of it was digitialised. We looked for a software solution to ease the pain and ended up building it.
That´s why we started Metalshub.

Dr. Sebastian Kreft, Co Founder Metalshub

Why raw materials sales teams

choose Metalshub.

Time to value

Set up in less than 4 weeks from kick-off to 100% digital transactions, guaranteed! Our innovation team ensures you’re set up for success.

Unrivaled industry expertise

We bring deep industry knowledge to software innovation. Our teams leverage seasoned experience in metallurgy, raw materials sales and procurement.

Easy integration

Our procurement solution is easily integrated into ERP systems (SAP, Navision, etc.) and we partner with numerous service providers for logistics, trade finance, forfaiting, etc.

Established network

We have a large network of consumers publishing enquiries on Metalshub. Our dedicated team is standing by to quickly onboard your business counter parties.

Why use Metalshub sales solution?

Make better decisions

When to sell what to whom?
Stop guessing – our sales solution provides transparency over
all selling opportunities and helps you to take decisions, which
maximise your netback.

Grow your business

With Metalshub you can grow your business by serving new customer segments. Discover new customers while our technology helps you to deal with the extra complexity.

Reduce manual work

Make time for strategic tasks by automating operational tasks.
For maximum efficiency, Metalshub integrates seamlessly into your other systems via API.


Embed compliance into your sales process.

Metalshub natively embeds the key steps required by internal governance & compliance so that you can negotiate and close deals without documentation requirements slowing you down.

Reduce working capital

With our integrated finance solution you can reduce your working capital and grow your business.
Fast. Easy. Digital.

Sales Solution. Developed for

the metals industry.

Enquiry Management

All your transactions in one solution. All your raw materials buyers in one database. Analyse your negotiation performance analysis, and expand your business with Metalshub.


Never miss another enquiry from your buyers. Negotiate with ease and peace of mind with Metalshub.

Other features

  • Access to all public enquiries

  • KYC approved list of buyers

  • Customer service chat support

Our modular approach

Upscale your operations and discover our modular approach.


Discover and get discovered

Find new buyers with public enquiries and retain your peace of mind with our forfaiting service.

Discover new buyers

Analytics to target the right customers for your products. Discover new customers and generate more sales.

Advertise your business

We make it easier for you to find new business partners by showcasing your products, services, and references.

Other features with DISCOVERY module:

  • More visibility with public enquiries

  • Customer relationship management

  • Buyer onboarding

  • Receive more offers thanks to Metalshub Forfaiting

  • Buyer evaluation

  • Reference management


Unleash the power of your data

Analyse listing performance, savings, CO2 Emissions, and more with Metalshub.

Enquiry Performance

Gain total visibility into enquiry performance, views and offers with powerful data analytics.

Negotiation Analysis

Raise your game through data. Analyse your win rate for enquiries and improve your offers with analytics.
  • Excel exports

  • In-house data analyst service

  • Negotiation performance analysis

  • Enquiry performance report

Custom Reports

Our reports don’t satisfy your analytics needs? Fear not! Our in-house data science team can support you with customised dashboards for your needs.


Audit-safe trading for your business

With user permissions and approval flows, Metalshub guarantees compliance in your trades.

Approval Flow

Set up users authorised to approve transactions with our user permissions management. When a deal exceeds your set limit, users will have to request approval before confirming deals. 

User Permissions

Set up your customised contracts in Metalshub and share them with your counterparts when you conclude a transaction. Even your business partners outside Metalshub can confirm deals and view contracts with one click!

Other features within COMPLIANCE module:

  • Audit trail download

  • Custom contracts

  • Internal notes

  • Compliant trading flow with approved buyers


Retain control and oversight

Explore trade financing options, evaluate your business partners, and find the best offers via Metalshub.

Digital Inventory Management

Managing your inventory has never been easier. Allocate inventory while you win new deals on Metalshub.

Other features with OPERATIONS module:

  • Trucking quotes

  • Tolling & Roaster flows

Ready to get started?

Our specialists are on hand to kick-start your digital procurement journey.