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Ferrovanadium & Vanadium-oxides

Ferrovanadium is an alloy of iron with 60% - 80% vanadium. Based on the Metalshub Price Index, the price of Ferrovanadium in Q2 2021 ranged from 27.00-32.96 €/Kg V. The Metalshub price Index uses methodology validated by leading industry experts, helping customers make data-driven trading decisions.

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Steel applications include gears components, axles, crankshafts, and other highly critical steel components.

NameAbbreviationSize (mm)V Content (%)
FerrovanadiumFeV0.5 - 5 (fines)75 - 85
FerrovanadiumFeV10 - 100 (lumpy)75 - 85
Vanadium Pentoxide flakesV2O5 flakes55 x 5598 - 100

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Application of relevant Vanadium types

Ferrovanadium (FeV):

Ferrovanadium is an alloy of iron and vanadium with a vanadium content of 35-85 wt% which is mainly used in steel production.

Vanadium Pentoxide flakes (V2O5): 

Vanadium pentoxide flakes are a vanadium intermediate mostly used as a base for the production of ferrovanadium.

Vanadium Pentoxide powder (V2O5):

Vanadium pentoxide is also available in form of powder.

Vanadium Carbonitride briquettes (VCN briq):

Vanadium carbonitride briquettes are an alloying agent that, in addition to vanadium, also enables the cost-effective addition of nitrogen to steel melts.

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