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Metalshub is the leading digital B2B platform for the iron and steel industry. Foundries and Steel Mills use our platform to purchase ferrotitanium and titanium sponge from a global pool of qualified traders and producers.

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Titanium is used in steel applications for airframes and aircraft components, deep drilling, hand tools, tool and machinery coatings, heat-exchanging equipment for power engineering and various components across the chemical and oil industries.

NameAbbreviationSize (mm)Ti Content (%)
Ferrotitanium FeTi0.5-5 (fines) 65-80
FerrotitaniumFeTi5-50 (lumpy)65-80
Titanium spongeTi sponge10-3097-100

Ferrotitanium Material Data Sheet

Access data on all commercially relevant Titanium grades, traded on the Metalshub Marketplace.

Application of relevant Titanium types

Ferrotitanium (FeTi):

Ferrotitanium is an alloying agent with a titanium content of between 65 wt% and 80 wt%. It is available as fines (0.5-5mm) and in lumpy form (5-50mm) and is mostly used in steel production due to its deoxidising effect.

Titanium sponge (Ti sponge):

Titanium sponge is an intermediate product of the titanium metal extraction with a high purity of 97 wt% - 100 wt% titanium. It is mostly used as the base for titanium alloys, billets, ingots.

Titanium metal /Scrap:

Titanium metals and scrap are available in various grades and numerous forms, such as rods, bars, tubes, sheets, plates, discs, squares, and wires. 

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