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Ferronickel is a ferroalloy that contains approximately 35% nickel and 65% iron.

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Nickel is used in producing stainless and special steel, iron and steel castings, plating applications, nickel-based alloys as well as in batteries.

NameAbbreviationSize (mm)Ni Content (%)

Nickel briquettes

Ni briqs







Nickel pellets

Ni pellets



Nickel full plate cathodes

Ni caths



Nickel cut cathodes 4x4

Ni 4x4



Nickel cut cathodes 2x2

Ni 2x2



Nickel cut cathodes 1x1

Ni 1x1



Nickel offcuts

Nickel offcuts



Nickel Pig Iron




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Application of relevant Nickel types

Nickel pellets (Ni pellets):

With a nickel content of 99.8 wt% - 100 wt%, Ni Pellets contain the lowest metallic amount of impurities of any commercially available form of nickel. Exclusively produced by Vale, the controlled and consistent purity of Nickel Pellets and the benefits associated with its distinctive shape make this product an industry standard for the production of high nickel alloys and iron-based alloys. 

Nickel briquettes (Ni briqs):

Nickel briquettes can be a lower-cost alternative to nickel pellets or nickel cathodes in steel production, as they have similar chemical and melting properties.

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Ferronickel (FeNi):

Ferronickel is used as one of the main alloying elements in stainless steel production due to its high corrosion and oxidation resistance. It has a nickel content of between 15 wt% and 70 wt% and can be used as a substitute for nickel pellets or nickel cathodes, where it can allow potential cost savings. 

to read about Metalshub Co-founder Dr. Sebastian Kreft's study on the value of ferronickel vs. nickel metal for the production of ferrous alloys.

Nickel cathodes (full plate / 4x4 / 2x2 / 1x1):

Nickel is refined by electrolysis to a purity of approx. 99.8 wt% up to 100 wt%. It is available in a full plate cathode (1000x1000mm) or reduced by further processing to 4x4/2x2/1x1 cut cathodes.

Nickel offcuts (Nickel offcuts):

Nickel offcuts are wastes generated during the industrial processing of nickel, e.g. when cutting off electrolyte cathodes. If a melting process allows the use of slightly varying sizes, offcuts can bring significant potential savings compared to cut cathodes.

Nickel Rounds, Discs, and Chips (alternative forms):

Nickel metal can also be available in a variety of other geometries. These can be e.g. rounds, discs, and chips.

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