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  • The future is digital commodity trading – Metalshub connects from Düsseldorf the consumers, producers and traders from the metals and ferroalloys business around the world with their innovative, digital marketplace.  read more

  • …after several big producers, consumers and traders of the steel industry registered on Metalshub, the digital and innovative platform started last week successfully.  

  • For base metals there are large international exchanges. But not for chrome, titanium and manganese. The Metalshub founders aim to bring these markets onto their digital trading platform.  read more

  • Online platforms emerging in industrial metals – The platform is an online marketplace focusing on ferro-alloys and metals to promote a more efficient and liquid physical market.  read more

  • A flexible platform is designed to digitise complex processes for the typical participants of a commodity transaction - sellers, buyers, logistics service providers, insurers, financial service providers - thereby reducing process costs and significantly increasing speed.  read more

  • For metals and ferroalloys, organised trade was absent for decades. Metalshub brings together all the market players on one trading platform, suitable also for small sellers and buyers.  read more

  • Quite simply as an Amazon order is the conclusion of a transaction on Metalshub.  read more

  • Become the leading platform for the global metals and ferroalloys community  read more

  • The online trading platform aims to increase efficiency and liquidity on the market and facilitate expansion of users' supplier or customer bases.  read more

  • Two former executives at Anglo American launched commodity technology firm Metalshub, a digital marketplace for the platform-based trading of metals and ferroalloys.  read more

  • What does the future look like for the metal trade? Digitalisation will be successful, according to the founders of the German trading platform Metalshub, where metals and ferro alloys are traded in 66 countries with a transaction turnover of 100 million euros.  read more

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