Pre-registration for Metalshub is now open

With the official launch date of Metalshub approaching, we have been moving fast in the last couple of weeks. Pre-registration is now open and many ferroalloy producers, consumers and traders have already signed up.

Why should you register? You become one of the first and selected companies in the industry to benefit from our innovative services. Being one of the early adopters of metalshub’s technology you will get involved in shaping the digitization of metals trading. In particular, you will benefit from:

  • Increasing efficiency: Increasing the number of transactions without increasing costs through a fully digital and automated process.
  • Gaining market intelligence: Gather information on product specifications, price developments, quality spreads etc.
  • Improving compliance: Metalshub conducts independent counterparty checks and promotes strict anti-trust and anti-corruption standards.
  • Becoming a digitization leader: Learning about new technology developments and applications in the commodity industry; being part of something new and exciting can be very motivating for the team!

Above you can see a screenshot of the Metalshub platform. Are you as excited as we are? Download the registration form now and send it to The download includes the Metalshub General Terms and Conditions and the list with initially tradable products. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Metalshub team