Metalshub is launching new Nickel Briquettes Price Index

Metalshub continues to expand its price coverage of the metals markets and is pleased to inform its users and subscribers that since March 2021 a new price index for Nickel Briquettes 99.5% Ni min is available for all our customers. The index will be updated twice per month.

Price Indices

As usual, Metalshub is glad to improve the offering for the already existing subscribers: those who are currently subscribed to Metalshub's entire suite of price indices will receive access to the new indicator WITHOUT any additional charge as part of their existing subscription!

Nickel is a very important alloying metal which finds application in many cast irons and steels. The main reason for adding nickel in ferrous alloys is to promote an austenitic microstructure. Nickel generally increases ductility, toughness and corrosion resistance.

Nickel is an essential and widely used alloying element in high-temperature-resistant superalloys and heat-, oxidation-, and corrosion-resistant irons and steels. Nickel is well-known for its solid solution strengthening and promoting of high toughness, mainly at low temperatures. Besides its main application in stainless steelmaking nickel is also widely used in low-alloys steels and irons.

Nickel is one of the most demanded metals in Europe. In 2020, the EU countries have imported > 145,000 tones of nickel products for the total value of > $ 2 Billion, UN Comtrade Database shows.

As for all existing Metalshub Price Indices, the nickel briquettes index is based on data from negotiations and contracts concluded on Metalshub’s online trading platform and represent a groundbreaking change in the way price discovery is conducted in the industry today.

More than 1000 companies from the metals-industry are registered on Metalshub, generating more than 900 bids and offers per month. In Q1 2021, despite the continues COVID-19 pandemic and various issues disturbing the sustainable global business, the platform traded volume has increased by more than 10 times and reached > $ 160 M.

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