Metalshub Launches New Version of Its Trading Platform

Metalshub, the digital platform for buyers and sellers of ferroalloys and metals, releases a new version on 20th of August 2018, which offers a significantly improved user experience.

Press Releases

“We are very proud of the progress that we have made over the past months on the new version of Metalshub – especially the much improved negotiation section, the responsiveness and user-friendly design”,

says Metalshub CTO Tristan Fischer. “We innovate and at the same time we stay true to our mission which evolves around increasing efficiency and speed as well as delivering an intuitive user experience.”

Since December 2017 Metalshub provides a digital marketplace, where ferroalloys and metals can be bought and sold in an efficient manner on the Metalshub platform. It has successfully created a trusted environment for the previously non-digital market such as ferrochrome, ferromolybdenum and many other metals.

Managing Director Dr Frank Jackel explains “Metalshub provides a digital tool for producers, consumers and traders to boost efficiency. With our old version we have successfully implemented an efficient marketplace of approved companies and helped numerous users to lower their customer or supplier acquisition cost. We believe that the new version V2A will make buying and selling of metals even easier.”

So what’s new?

First of all, V2A’s new user interface is fully responsive, which means that it works like an app on every smartphone. At the same time the new interface is multi-lingual. At the start, English and German will be offered but other languages will follow shortly.

The Metalshub calculator becomes smart. The Smart Calculator (SmaC) supports users to calculate offers and bids by instantly providing transport costs, financing costs and credit insurance costs. If not required, users can use the “one-click offer” to submit a bid or offer within seconds.

Finally, V2A includes many new features which save time and increase productivity. For example, listings can be copied, deviations in negotiations are highlighted, bids/offers can be submitted bindingly and users can conclude transactions on behalf of multiple companies and colleagues of the same company can work together collaboratively in a company account.

About Metalshub

Metalshub is one of the pioneers of the digital revolution in the world of metals trading. It has more than 260 registered companies with industry leaders such as Outokumpu, Traxys and AngloAmerican using Metalshub. In cooperation with EulerHermes, it is the first B2B marketplace which offers a transaction based credit insurance. Metalshub was founded in 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany, by Sebastian Kreft and Frank Jackel with the vision to create a platform for the global metals and ferroalloys community. Experienced business angels such as Dr. Dieter Heuskel, previously Chairman of The Boston Consulting Group, the founders of Flixbus, Europe’s largest intercity bus company, and Dr. Ralf Köster, Entrepreneur of the Year of the German Mittelstand, hold a minority stake and support Metalshub.