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Metalshub is offering you a lot more than simply a place to sell and buy your metals. One of our optional services is taking care of your logistics after you have successfully concluded a deal over our platform. It just takes a few clicks.


Metalshub offers a wide range of extra services like credit insurance, financing and logistics services. How exactly will logistic services work over the platform and how can your organisation benefit from using them?

The experienced Metalshub operations team consists of people that have worked in this sector for more than a decade. Because of this expertise we are able to offer logistics services along the entire metals value chain. Just to mention a few items, we are covering:

  • Warehousing
  • Transports
  • Customs clearance
  • Fiscal representation
  • Inspection services

These services will be provided by Metalshub directly or through our trustworthy partners.

How does it work on the platform: In the first phase of the platform, the seller enters an in-warehouse (ex-works) price and the buyer chooses the delivery incoterm. This means that the material has to be stored in a warehouse already. From this point on Metalshub will provide you with an instant quote up to the selected delivery incoterm, which in most cases will be DDP. This way the seller will instantly see his netback calculation.

Example (rates are illustrative only):

Important to know is that all of the offered services on the platform are optional. This means that the seller can always opt-out on any of those services.

Continuing the example above, if the seller is able to find a cheaper trucking rate than Euro 175, he can simply opt-out of this service to organise the trucking himself. There are multiple benefits of using the Metalshub service:

  • Sellers receive an instant rate and netback, so no time is wasted on calling warehouses and checking trucking rates.
  • Sellers can partially or even completely reduce the hours spend on arranging logistics.
  • All parties in the logistics chain will receive standardised instructions. No more “email ping pong” between cargo owners, warehouses, transport companies and buyers.
  • Metalshub will be able to combine cargo loads to delivery destinations. This reduces costs for sellers and delivers environmental benefits by reducing fuel consumption.

Now that you know our logistics concept, the rest is up to you. You like our concept? Just try this new opportunity!

Your Metalshub team

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Disclaimer: This blog is provided for information purposes only. While we do our best to provide you with the most correct information, metalshub cannot be held liable for any loss arising from any use of this information.