Facts and figures about Month#1 – Off to a good start!

“You need to build a critical mass” or “liquidity is key” is something a lot of people in the industry tell us. Well, we are off to a good start! And we are counting on the support of our users to grow together with you. In the first month since the Metalshub launch, a lot of activity has taken place on the Metalshub Platform.

In this post, we have summarized some facts and figures about our first month in the market.

Companies from 26 different countries have registered for Metalshub. Figure 1 shows a breakdown of Metalshub users by category.

Figure 1: Metalshub Users by Category

Accounting for 42% of all users, Traders form the largest percentage of Metalshub platform users. Consumers account for 32%, while Producers make up 26 % of all users.

In January 2018, our users have created 283 products. The 8 product categories currently tradable on Metalshub are: Chrome, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel, Niobium, Silicon, Titanium and Vanadium with multiple respective sub categories.

Every day new listings are created. A listing is a user’s request to buy or to sell. It contains all information that is necessary for the trade:

  • Specifications of the product (dimensions and chemical dimensions)
  • Quantity and shipping tolerance
  • Preferred currency
  • General Terms & Conditions (GTCs)
  • Validity of the listing and the targeted recipients


The Metalshub platform guides you through the process. You can save templates so that creating the second listing will be even faster than creating the first one.

Companies intending to buy metals or ferroalloys can submit a “Request for Offers” (RfO). Sellers who have created the product in “My products” will receive an email and can respond by making an offer. Companies that want to sell can submit a “Request for Bids” (RfB). Buyers will get an email notification and can submit a bid. Most commercial including price can be negotiated with the counterparty.

Since the launch of the Metalshub marketplace, 37 RfOs and RfBs have been created on Metalshub. Figure 1 shows the listings by product category.

                                                       Figure 2: Listings created on Metalshub

Most action has been going on in the categories Vanadium and Titanium with a total of 7 listings, followed by Manganese and Silicon with 6 listings in each case. Bid and Offer prices are often included in the listings.

To make trading on Metalshub even easier and more intuitive for you, we have made some platform improvements. Responding to your feedback, we have simplified the registration process, improved e-mail notifications, add time zone information and added help texts.

By joining the Metalshub community, you will have the possibility to reach more suppliers and customers with no additional effort. See who is offering ferrotitanium at the moment? Who is looking to buy cut nickel cathodes? Be part of the action and find it out, it’s free!

Your Metalshub team

Disclaimer: This blog is provided for information purposes only. While we do our best to provide you with the most correct information, Metalshub cannot be held liable for any loss arising from any use of this information.
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