Euler Hermes Digital Agency makes credit insurance services available online with and Metalshub

After extensive development, Metalshub made another big step forward in creating a digital environment for all parties acting in the metals industry. Metalshub is the first B2B marketplace using the service by the leading credit insurer Euler Hermes, with both parties having signed the contract on the 10th January 2018.


Giving credit terms to buyers covered by credit insurance is a common practice in the metals industry. However, when selling ferroalloys or metals to new and smaller customers, such as foundries or smaller steel mills, obtaining a credit insurance can become a time-consuming task. Together, Euler Hermes Digital Agency and Metalshub have developed the first credit insurance solution in the world for a B2B marketplace that enables companies to book their cover directly on the platform without signing up for your whole turnover. This insurance will be linked to specific trades and cover your invoice to the respective customer. Whether it is ferronickel, ferrosilicon or other ferroalloys you want to sell to a new customer, start immediately doing business with Euler Hermes’ insurance solutions with only one click. This is one of various features on Metalshub that makes the entire process of buying and selling of metals and ferroalloys fast and efficient.

Metalshub’s Co-Founder Frank Jackel highlights: „ is a real differentiator and the perfect tool for us, as it allows suppliers and buyers to trade on credit terms - which is not an easy thing to do in a marketplace. As we are striving to become the world’s leading digital marketplace for metals and ferroalloys, Metalshub is proud to be working together with Euler Hermes being the world’s leading provider of credit insurance.”

A big step for Euler Hermes Digital Agency, Metalshub and especially B2B online commerce in general.

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