Metalshub Forfaiting

Enabling sellers to increase their financing coverage and offer competitive payment terms


Introduction to Metalshub Forfaiting

With Walbing we have the best-in-class embedded finance partner to enable our sellers to forfait their receivables at a discount for immediate risk relief and cash payment. 

Increase financing coverage

Finance buyers outside your existing credit insurance.

Eliminate counterparty default & forex risk

Sell 100% of individual account receivables without recourse and eliminate any default or forex risk.

Offer competitive payment terms

Offer attractive terms without neglecting your own liquidity requirements.

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Brynjulv Gjerde

Commercial Director

Finnfjord AS

"With Metalshub forfaiting I can increase my coverage to buyers not yet covered by my credit insurance. It also can provide me with a better rate or risk profile than my existing financing options."

Marcelo Leipziger


Intermetal S.A.

"The Metalshub forfaiting service makes it possible for me to extend payment terms to my buyers, while being paid out immediately after delivery at very competitive terms."

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Tap into a large pool of institutional investors

Up to 30 institutional investors with > $5bn under management will bid on account receivables in the Walbing ecosystem

The best-in-class embedded finance provider trusted by leaders across industries

Joerg Hoerster



"There is no other platform in the world that automates, integrates, and simplifies all services for domestic and international trading in such depth and breadth as Walbing."

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently sellers from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Cyprus, Czechia, Finland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland are eligible to use Metalshub Forfaiting once they have been cleared by Metalshub. 
EUR, USD, GBP and CHF can be forfaited.
Generally there are no restrictions on what invoices can be forfaited. Only topic to consider is that only buyers from countries without international trade sanctions may be forfaited (e.g., Russia is excluded at the moment). 
Yes, only the seller needs to be on Metalshub. When forfaiting an invoice of buyers not on Metalshub, you will only need to capture it as an off-platform deal.
You decide yourself whether the buyer is to be informed about the sale of the receivable. This is because sales of receivables may be in disclosed and undisclosed assignments (depending on the regional jurisdiction). For sales of receivables in disclosed assignments, we also offer the option that the buyer can make an irrevocable undertaking to pay. This is displayed to the investors, who buy the receivables and thus improves the discount rate.
Only thing that may change is that the buyer will have to transfer the outstanding amount to a different bank account. The details for the bank account information can then be displayed on your invoice layout. You may also circumvent this by granting Walbing EBICS authorization to your incoming invoice accounts so that Walbing can automatically pull the incoming payment of the buyer. 
As a seller of trade receivables you are not obliged to involve your bank. Thus you only need to involve your bank if you want to grant Walbing EBICS authorization (see previous question). 
Without recourse - you pass 100% of the del credere risk (default risk) to the investor.
This is part of the verity risk. This risk remains with the seller, who is liable in case it delivers something other than agreed. In this case, the seller and buyer need to find an agreement, on which the outstanding claim of the investor must be settled. It could thus be that the claim may be partially settled by the seller if the agreement was to reduce the amount to be invoiced.
The invoice can be sold before delivery. Once verified to use Metalshub forfaiting, you can sell it as quick as 3 hours. However, we recommend factoring in a period of 3 working days to get as many potential investor eyes as possible on it. The payment will be settled as soon as the receivable has been sold to the investor. Typical bank transfer lead times should however be considered.

Reap the Benefits of Metalshub Forfaiting

Enjoy full control

No all asset debenture or whole turnover facility, no framework agreement – you decide which receivables you want to sell and which you don’t.

Free up time

Convenient and simple: From invoice upload with text recognition to automatic payment. With Walbing, everything is simple and completely digital.

Sell 100%

With the sale of your receivables, 100 percent of the del credere risk is transferred to the investor. Your invoices are transferred into cash – a true sale.

Sell 100% of a single invoice without framework contract

Finance buyers outside your existing coverage

No recourse and no risk (default or forex)

Offer competitive payment terms

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