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Four questions for: Ilya Treshchalov – MBR METALS OÜ


June 05, 2019

We continue with our “Four Questions For” series! This time we have the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Ilya Treshchalov from the Estonian trading company MBR METALS OÜ. He shares with us his interesting opinion about the performance of the market during the first two quarters of 2019 and what differentiates MBR METALS.

Ilya, please introduce your company and yourself

MBR METALS is the diversified supplier of raw material for the stainless and special steel industry. Our Headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia,  and our trading activities cover global markets with key markets in Western Europe.

The company started as an independent company in 2010, so our team is already getting prepared to celebrate our 10th anniversary next year in September.  I've been in the metals industry since 2002.

Which are the core products that MBR METALS trade?

The core products of MBR METALS are all related to the stainless and special steel industry, so primarily raw materials such as Ni, Cr, Moly, Noble Ferroalloys (FeMo, FeV, FeNb, FeW), as well as some bulk alloys such as SiMn, FeCr, pure metals (Co, Cr, Mo, W, Re, etc.), among some other products.

The name of the company stands for M - Minor metals,  B - Base metals, R - Rare Earth metals, so we handle a basket of about 30 different products covering these three major sectors.

What are the key differentiators of MBR METALS?

Reliability, high-quality service, and innovation. Constantly, we try to create unique new solutions for our customers. We work closely with our consumers with the main objective of offering discounted and more competitive products, so the customers will always win from the comparison. With our innovative solutions for the metallurgical industry, we want to offer our customers, more tangible value than just the regular supply of ferroalloys and metals.

We strive to maintain the needs of our customers and suppliers by offering quality products, timely delivery, competitive pricing, and flexible payment terms.

How is this year doing so far?

2019 so far has been not so good as the last couple of years. We had record years 2017 and 2018, and now with the global slowdown, we see that it is more difficult to maintain the same flow. However, there is still plenty of business opportunities, much tougher competition, lower margins, but the market is going into a down cycle right now for the global economy and particularly for the metals industry.

The steel industry may face additional challenges to consolidate once again. At MBR METALS, we keep active in our core business and we try to maintain our business flow as usual.

What do you like about Metalshub?

First of all, I really like the team, because I see that it is not only about people trying to create something new in the industry but a team with a strong desire and commitment to create a unique service and product.

With regards to the platform, it definitely saves lots of time to participate in purchasing activities and widens the opportunities to serve more end consumers.

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