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The Metalshub Bulk Ferroalloys index is the arithmetic average of Metalshub's European market price indices for FeSi, Hc FeMn and SiMn.

Price indices we currently offer

All Indices are based on FCA major European sea port and available in EUR and USD

Price indexSpecificationsQuantityPrice range Q2 2021
FerromolybdenumFerromolybdenum 65% Mo min, C 0.10% max, Si 1.50% max, P 0.05% max, S 0.10% max, Cu 0.50% max, Pb 0.05% max. All other elements should be each 0.10% max, with the exception of Fe min. 1 mt, Size: 10-50 mm (min. 90% within size)22.55-40.20 €/Kg Mo
FerrosiliconFerrosilicon 75% Si min, Al 1.50% maxmin. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)1,430-1,689 €/mt
Low Carbon FerrochromeLow Carbon Ferro-Chrome 65% Cr min, C 0.15% max, Si 1.5% max, P 0.03% max, S 0.03% max min. 1 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)3.50-3.76 €/Kg Cr
Manganese Metal FlakesManganese Metal 99.7% Mn min, C 0.04% max, P 0.005% max, S 0.05% max, Fe+Se+Si 0.205% max min. 1 mt, Flakes2,269-2,903 €/mt
Manganese Metal Flakes, FOB China*Manganese Metal 99.7% Mn min, C 0.04% max, P 0.005% max, S 0.05% max, Fe+Se+Si 0.205% maxmin. 10 mt, Flakes
High Carbon Ferromanganese High Carbon Ferromanganese 75% Mn min, C 6-8.5%, P 0.25% max min. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)1,106-1,310 €/mt
FerrovanadiumFerrovanadium 75% V min, C 0.30% max, Si 1.50% max, Al 1.50% max. min. 1 mt, Size: 10-50 mm (min. 90% within size)27.00-32.96 €/Kg V
High Carbon FerrochromeHigh Carbon Ferro-Chrome 65% Cr min, C 9% max, Si 1.5% maxmin. 1 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)1.99-2.32€/Kg Cr
Silicomanganese Silicomanganese 65% Mn min, 16% Si min, C 2%, P 0.25% max min. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size) 1,217-1,460 €/mt
Nickel BriquettesNickel Briquettes, 99.5% Ni minmin. 1 mt 16,237-18,334 $/Mt
Nickel cut cathodes 4x4Nickel cut cathodes 4x4, 99.8% Ni minmin. 1 mt 16,282-17,860 $/Mt

* Adjusted from FCA major European seaport price index by subtracting the EU import duty, logistic and financing cost

Matteo Chareun

Commercial Division Manager

Euromet SA

I was watching the latest FeMo and FeV prices and it's thrilling to see how they are increasingly reflecting the real market price, week after week!

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