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Based on Real Transactions

The only price indices in the industry based on real negotiation and transaction data instead of voluntarily submitted information.

Algorithm-based Analyses

Metalshub's price data collection, evaluation, and selection process is fully automated without journalistic work.

Affordable for Anyone

Metalshub's processes are fully automated, allowing for the most accurate price indices, affordable for anyone.

Metalshub Index committee

Our methodology is regularly validated by leading industry experts

    Dr. Frank Ehrenberg

    Dr. Frank Ehrenberg

    SVP Raw Material ProcurementOutokumpu
    Lucas Netto

    Lucas Netto

    Group Supply Chain ManagerMagotteaux
    Matteo Chareun

    Matteo Chareun

    Commercial Division ManagerEuromet SA
    Peter Schmelzer

    Peter Schmelzer

    Purchasing ManagerGontermann-Peipers
    Andrey Seliverstov

    Andrey Seliverstov

    Senior Manager Eurasian Resource Group
    Brynjulv Gjerde

    Brynjulv Gjerde

    Head of Ferroalloys Nizi International
    Branislav Klocok

    Branislav Klocok

    Managing DirectorOFZ
    Maciej Gigon

    Maciej Gigon

    Senior Sales ManagerAfarak
    Rosalba Vizzini

    Rosalba Vizzini

    Head of PurchasingRubiera Special Steel S.P.A.
    Augenija Di Bucci

    Augenija Di Bucci

    Commercial DirectorSatka Group

                                                    Metalshub Index

                                                      All Indices are based on FCA major European sea port and available in EUR and USD

Price indexSpecificationsQuantity
FerromolybdenumFerromolybdenum 65% Mo min, C 0.10% max, Si 1.50% max, P 0.05% max, S 0.10% max, Cu 0.50% max, Pb 0.05% max. All other elements should be each 0.10% max, with the exception of Fe min. 1 mt, Size: 10-50 mm (min. 90% within size)
FerrosiliconFerrosilicon 75% Si min, Al 1.50% maxmin. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)
Low Carbon FerrochromeLow Carbon Ferro-Chrome 65% Cr min, C 0.15% max, Si 1.5% max, P 0.03% max, S 0.03% max min. 1 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)
Manganese Metal FlakesManganese Metal 99.7% Mn min, C 0.04% max, P 0.005% max, S 0.05% max, Fe+Se+Si 0.205% max min. 1 mt, Flakes
Manganese Metal Flakes, FOB China*Manganese Metal 99.7% Mn min, C 0.04% max, P 0.005% max, S 0.05% max, Fe+Se+Si 0.205% maxmin. 10 mt, Flakes
High Carbon Ferromanganese High Carbon Ferromanganese 75% Mn min, C 6-8.5%, P 0.25% max min. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)
FerrovanadiumFerrovanadium 75% V min, C 0.30% max, Si 1.50% max, Al 1.50% max. min. 1 mt, Size: 10-50 mm (min. 90% within size)
High Carbon FerrochromeHigh Carbon Ferro-Chrome 65% Cr min, C 9% max, Si 1.5% maxmin. 1 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)
Silicomanganese Silicomanganese 65% Mn min, 16% Si min, C 2%, P 0.25% max min. 10 mt, lump > 10 mm (min. 90% within size)
Nickel BriquettesNickel Briquettes, 99.5% Ni minmin. 1 mt
Nickel cut cathodes 4x4Nickel cut cathodes 4x4, 99.8% Ni minmin. 1 mt

* Adjusted from FCA major European seaport price index by subtracting the EU import duty, logistic and financing cost

Matteo Chareun

Commercial Division Manager

Euromet SA

I was watching the latest FeMo and FeV prices and it's thrilling to see how they are increasingly reflecting the real market price, week after week!

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