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William Cook

William Cook is an engineering group headquartered in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. William Cook companies design, manufacture and overhaul components and systems for applications where safety and reliability are critical. For nearly two centuries William Cook’s core competence has been casting steel.

Today, most of William Cook’s components and systems for defence, rail and other industries still call for high-specification alloys and superalloys. William Cook’s three main divisions, employing 600 people, generate revenues of £90m per year.

Find out how William Cook has benefited from cost savings in its raw material procurement and discovered plenty of new suppliers in our joint case study.


Metso has enhanced its supply chain operations through supply chain software solutions from Metalshub, which specialise in metals and ferroalloys.

Metso has streamlined its procurement process and gained access to a broader range of suppliers, resulting in increased flexibility and improved cost efficiency. Metalshub's advanced features have enabled Metso to make data-driven decisions and optimise its purchasing strategies.

Moreover, using Metalshub has helped Metso strengthen its relationships with existing suppliers and establish new partnerships with suppliers from regions where they previously had limited presence. The software solution has provided transparency and reliability that has helped to build trust and improve collaboration between Metso and its suppliers.

By leveraging the benefits of Metalshub's software solutions, Metso has increased the overall value of its supply chain operations. The company has gained greater control over its procurement process and has been able to make informed decisions that have resulted in cost savings and improved supplier relationships.

MAT Foundry

Consisting of eight companies and stretching across three continents, the MAT Foundry Group is one of the world´s leading organisations in the engineering and manufacturing of cast and machined products serving the passenger, commercial, and heavy-duty vehicle markets, as well as industrial and racing applications.

Their seven foundries produce over 350,000 tons of iron per year. The group also maintains ten machining facilities across Europe, Asia, Central and North America. Together they combine to form one of the world’s biggest car parts manufacturers.

Before implementing Metalshub, data transparency at a group level was challenging. The introduction of Metalshub improved group visibility significantly and has allowed for a strategic purchasing approach while continuing to enable regional buyers in a very agile way.

The MAT Foundry Group had a significant increase in cost savings over the last year, making it easy to decide to extend their contract with Metalshub. They have added many suppliers during this time and drastically improved their supply chain resilience. This has resulted in a more competitive tendering process, reducing costs. 

Schmidt + Clemens

The name Schmidt + Clemens has stood for high-quality special steel solutions for more than 140 years. Whether spun casting, static casting, investment casting or forgings, they have the solutions for your challenges. The Schmidt + Clemens Group is active on the international stage.

Besides its German headquarters in Lindlar-Kaiserau, Schmidt + Clemens has production facilities in Spain, the Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Three corporate distribution companies in the USA, India and Brazil combined with over 30 commercial agencies consolidate their global presence.

Schmidt + Clemens operates multinational with locations and facilities in more than five countries on three continents. Three sales companies in the USA, India, Brazil, and 30 other commercial agencies guarantee the family company's worldwide presence. As a global producer, Schmidt + Clemens faces the major challenge of managing and synchronising the procurement of the various locations. 

Overall, our supply chain solution implemented by Schmidt + Clemens demonstrated the potential for technology and innovation to transform the metals industry and drive significant efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability improvements.

NGI Trading

NGI Trading, a leading commodities trader, has recently implemented a forfaiting solution through Metalshub to optimise its cash flow and reduce risks associated with its trade finance activities.

Forfaiting is a financing technique that involves the purchase of a receivable from a seller by a third-party financier, who assumes the credit risk and provides the seller with immediate cash payment. Through Metalshub’s forfaiting solution, NGI Trading has sold its accounts receivable to a pool of investors, receiving immediate cash payment and transferring the default risk without recourse to the investors.

By implementing this solution, NGI Trading has improved its cash flow and reduced its exposure to credit risk. The solution provided by Metalshub offers a transparent and efficient way for NGI Trading to access liquidity without needing collateral or credit insurance. Moreover, NGI Trading has been able to streamline its trade finance operations and benefit from real-time visibility and tracking of its transactions. The advanced features have enabled NGI Trading to improve efficiency and reduce the time and resources required for its trade finance activities.

Implementing Metalshub’s solution has enabled NGI Trading to optimise its cash flow, reduce credit risk, and improve its trade finance operations.



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