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Video Keynote - IFA Budapest 2019


November 24, 2019

Last week at the International Ferroalloys Conference 2019 in Budapest, both Founders and Managing Directors; Dr. Frank Jackel and Dr. Sebastian Kreft had the honor of being one of the keynote speakers. Watch the complete presentation!

Between the 17th - 19th of November, one of the most important events in the global ferroalloy industry – the International Ferroalloys (IFA) Conference 2019 was held in Budapest, Hungary. Metalshub was honoured to be one of the keynote speakers.

At the event, both Founders and Managing Directors; Dr. Frank Jackel and Dr. Sebastian Kreft, jointly presented our knowledge of the digital area in ferroalloys trading. In their presentation, “The Power of Data”, they explained how accurate and reliable data in the commodity industry becomes a very powerful tool for business decision-making as well as for process and cost-efficiency optimization.

These were some of the key messages:

  • Data is changing the world and is reshaping the ferroalloy trading industry
  • Digital platforms are at the forefront of these developments and the metals supply chain is no exception
  • Data-driven decision models are becoming more and more important. Gut instinct is no longer enough if you want to remain competitive
  • Strong systems, tools and people are the backbones to drive data-driven decision making
  • The process of optimizing big data for your daily business decisions is as tricky as necessary

Watch the complete presentation in the video below!

On this article by Market Steel you find some more takeaways from the Conference https://www.market-steel.com/news-details/international-ferroalloys-conference.html

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