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The top 20 Ferromanganese (HCFeMn) producers in the world

High-carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn) is one of the most widely used ferroalloy in the world. In the following, the top 20 producers (excl. China and India) of high-carbon ferromanganese (HCFeMn) in 2019 will be listed with the respective amount produced. Moreover, a map with the production companies' respective production plants is showcased.

Market Insights

Standard ferromanganese, also known as high-carbon ferromanganese (HC FeMn) is a manganese alloy, smelted directly from manganese ores. Its manganese content ranges from 70-80 wt% and its carbon content from 6-7 wt%. It is the most-used ferroalloy in terms of quantity and its applications are mostly steel production (90%), with the remaining 10% being used in foundries and welding. Ferromanganese alloys are produced by carbothermic reduction of ores containing iron and manganese oxide in a smelting-reduction furnace. During the production process, slags with a high content of manganese oxide are formed, which can be refined in further process steps to ferro-silicon manganese, low-carbon ferro-manganese (LC FeMn) or to manganese metal.

Below is a worldmap with the location of the companies' respective production plants.

In the following, a list of the 20 biggest high-carbon ferromanganese producers and their annual production will be presented. The list does not include companies in China and India, as the production there is widely dispersed. 

Company Produced volume (t)Country Public/Private
Nippon Denko co. ltd. 331,980 JapanPublic
Sakura Ferroalloys SDN BHD 258,000 Malaysia Private
Assmang170,000South Africa Public
FerroGlobe PLC 168,910UKPublic
Satka Metallurgical Mill164,270RussiaPublic
Autlan S.A.B. de C.V.*157,000MexicoPublic
OM Sarawak SDN. BHD.151,670MalaysiaPrivate
KG DongBu Steel150,350South KoreaPublic
Vale*145,000BrazilPrivate (state-owned)
Maringa Ferro-liga S.A.*100,000BrazilPublic
Kosaya Gora Iron Works PJSC89,300RussiaPublic
Eramet SA73,060FrancePublic
JSC Nikopol ferro-alloys plant (NZF)41,800UkrainePublic
Zaporozhye ferro-alloys plant (PJSC)39,440UkrainePublic
OFZ, a.s., Istebné31,800SlovakiaPrivate
FMC Faryab Mining Company30,000IranN/A
Chelyabinsk Electrometallurgical Plant24,030RussiaPrivate
Sinai Manganese Company 12,000EgyptPrivate
Kerman Ferro Alloys 12,000IranN/A

* HC FeMn + SiMn production impossible to separate

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