Top 9 things we are proud of from 2021

As 2021 comes to an end we look back at the last 12 months. There are many reasons to be proud and grateful for as we are continuing to drive innovation and the digital transformation in the metals industry

Facts And Figures

Here are our top nine: 

One: Adoption

We are happy that more and more companies are adopting our Metalshub supply chain solution. In 2021, amongst others, we won the GMH Group, Swiss Steel Group and ArcelorMittal Brasil as new users. Transaction volume (GMV) tripled to more than $900 million in 2021. GMV has tripled now every year since we launched our service four years ago in December 2017! It is great to see that Metalshub is delivering real value to its customers and exceeding customers expectations and business cases.

Two: Expanding into new commodities

In 2021, we have added many new products which can be traded on Metalshub. We now cater for all alloying metals for the aluminium industry such as Magnesium, Silicon Metal and Manganese metal. The most traded commodity traded in 2021 was Nickel followed by Molybdenum, Manganese and Silicon.

Three: $11 million Series A funding

We successfully raised a Series A funding round of 11 million USD. With these additional resources, we could invest in product development and customer acquisition.

Four: Partnership with the London Metal Exchange (LME)
We are delighted that we always stay passionate about making the ferroalloy and speciality metals market more efficient and we constantly strive to achieve our mission! Along these lines, the partnership with LME marks the link between the pioneer of digital metals trading and transaction based on price discovery and the world centre for industrial metals trading, where physical metals trading and digital solutions are met together to establish transparency, efficiency and easily evidenced compliance. Moreover, Metalshub and the LME joined forces to provide a solution to the industry for tracking the CO2 footprint of metal products through the supply chain, which leads us to the next milestone.

Five: Driving sustainability with our new Scope 3 emissions feature

Every day, Metalshub puts efforts to provide innovative solutions for environmental protection and decarbonisation. We are happy to achieve further progress towards meeting our sustainability ambitions and supporting our users to achieve their sustainability goals! During this year, we released our Scope 3 tracking feature providing users with the right tools to reduce carbon footprint.

Six: Price Indices based on real transactions
This year on top of adding 7 new price indices, our price index subscribers can now also access global price indices providing our users with a comprehensive range of relevant price data for the commodities used in the steelmaking industry in Asia, the US and Europe within the Metalshub platform.

Seven: Growing team power

With so much positive development it is not surprising that our team has also grown considerably and has more than doubled! We are now 23 people from more than 10 different nationalities who work together in order to create the global leading metal supply chain solutions of the future. We are expanding and looking for new talents to join our team.

Eight: Security Test

IT and Data Security are our highest priority. We passed a security penetration test, conducted by a renowned white hat hacker company, with top marks. This company confirms, that our security standards and processes are “very good” - and that your data is safe on Metalshub.

Nine: We won the Start-up award 2021

We are proud to be awarded ThePioneer Start-Up Award 2021. 5 start-ups in the North Rhine- Westphalia region in Germany were invited to present their revolutionary ideas in front of an exclusive jury and the jury voted for Metalshub!

Thanks to all our supporters, users and the fabulous team - let's get started for 2022! 

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