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Our top 3 FAQ’s - Answered!


September 10, 2019

Every day, the Metalshub team works closely with the users of our marketplace. We have longtime users and new ones, all looking for ways to make more efficient the process of buying or selling their metals and ferroalloys and maximize their savings.

From all the conversations, we hear a number of common questions, including myths and misconceptions. Some are difficult questions, that don’t always have a simple yes or no answer – but here is what you need to know.

On this post, we answer our top 3 most frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1: Is my identity disclosed if I publish a listing?

This is entirely up to you. You can reveal your identity to all Metalshub users when you publish a listing on "Contract Mode", except to companies that you decide to exclude.

You can also remain anonymous if you publish a listing on a "Termsheet Mode", meaning that your identity will not be shown to any user on the marketplace. Your identity will be available to the counterparty only after all the conditions of a negotiation are agreed. Until that moment, both of you remain anonymous for each other.

FAQ 2: Which General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply when a contract is confirmed on Metalshub?

The General Terms and Conditions are negotiable on Metalshub, it is possible to agree on the buyer's GTC, the seller's GTC, 'Battle of the Forms' or Neutral GTC provided by Metalshub. The Neutral GTC are balanced and fair for both sellers and buyers. Selecting them, can therefore, accelerate the process of reaching an agreement. More information on GTC can be found here.

FAQ 3: What services does Metalshub offer?

All users can create listings to buy (Request for Offers) or sell (Request for Bids) or respond to existing listings on the marketplace.

In addition, Metalshub offers the following services:

Bonus: Any best practice to make my participation on the marketplace more successful?

Metalshub recommends to:

  • set the validity of the listings between 3-5 working days  (please avoid Friday afternoons and weekends as the expiry date of your listings)
  • use the Neutral GTC provided by Metalshub as an option for the negotiations (used by 75% of all marketplace participants)
  • provide timely feedback to all counterparties involved in a negotiation
  • create all your product profiles on 'My Hub' to get automatic email notifications every time that there is activity related to your products on the marketplace

If you still have questions, contact us we will get back to you as soon as possible info@metals-hub.com otherwise, join our marketplace to boost your efficiency and expand your business network,  it's free!

More reliable business connections could mean many more millions of euros to your business.

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