Ferromolybdenum - Top 10 producers in China

China is one of world’s largest producing countries of ferromolybdenum. The ferromolybdenum market is closely tied to China, not just because the country produces so much of the metal. China also has a massive steel sector that requires large amounts of ferromolybdenum as an alloying element.

Market Insights

On our map you can check out the top 10 producers in China. They are located in three provinces: Shaanxi, Liaoning, Shanxi.

Ferro molybdenum is a ferroalloy that is generally produced by the aluminothermic reduction of ferrosilicon and technical grade molybdic oxide. After the solidification of the metal, some milling and sieving operations are carried out, thus obtaining the suitable particle size for addition in steel and cast iron. Ferro molybdenum is classified according to its molybdenum content. The most common categories are those of FeMo between 60%-70%.

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