New Rating System - Rewarding performance!

Metalshub launched a new counterparty rating system in February. The ultimate goal is to create an even more effective and reliable trading environment.


How does it work?

After a deal is concluded on Metalshub, now the buyer and seller get the possibility to rate their counterparty.

  • The buyer is able to rate the seller when the products are delivered
  • The seller is able to rate the buyer when the payment is made

A rating is always anonymous and consists of a 5-star rating and optional comments. Both sellers and buyers are rated based on main aspects such as reliability, logistics, and quality of the product.

Metalshub calculates the average rating and publishes the comments in the public company profile on a quarterly basis.

To see the company profile, just click on the "Company name" in the marketplace or on "My negotiations".

Rating System new feature

What’s next?

Stay tuned for upcoming upgrades that will include (among others) the option to negotiate the product itself. This feature will basically allow companies to create, for example, a listing for Nickel Briquettes and instead get offers for Nickel Cathodes.  Also, it will be much easier to control all notifications about new listings. These and many other new features are planned to be introduced along the year!

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