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New features: Reminder function, Index-based pricing and more


November 04, 2019

As always, Metalshub added this month a couple new features improving again the usability and making sure Metalshub stays leading platform for metals and ferroalloys. Here are a few highlights among many other features and fixes.

Never forget to quote for a listing – reminder function

We have added a reminder function where users can set a reminder that sends them a notification email before the listing ends. Even if the listing owner moves the quotation validity this feature sends a reminder 15 min, 30 min or 60 min (at your discretion) before the listing expires.

Never forget to quote for a listing

Calculate your costs for sell listings – Smart Calculator also for Request for Bids (Sell Listings)

When a buyer quotes for a sell listing (Request for Bids - RfB) the seller can now use our SmaC (Smart Calculator) to calculate the transport costs, possible interest for payment terms and also check credit insurance for the buyer.

Calculate your costs for sell listings

New currency included – Chinese Yuan

To offer for our valued Chinese users a possibility to trade in their currency we have included Chinese Yuan (CNY) as a currency option in Metalshub.

New currency included – Chinese Yuan

Receive your contract as pdf

No need to print the contract (or similar documents) of your deals anymore – you can simply download the documents as a pdf.

Receive your contract as pdf

Multiple delivery Mode

One negotiation can now have multiple deliveries too. Buyers can specify the total quantity of material with the possibility to include volume optionality. Additional settings include the number of deliveries as well as the respective delivery period / call offs.

Multiple delivery Mode

Index-based Pricing

The new index-based contract feature allows buyers to choose from multiple indices in the market and thus define the index they want to base their contract price on. The pricing formula can be filled in percentage-based and/or in absolute values (e.g. index -3% +0.10 $/kg). Index-based Pricing

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