New features: Suppliers invitation function and more...

Driven by the goal of furthering the success of our users, several new features were added to improve the user experience and enhance usability of our platform. Here are some must know features which will help our users to negotiate easier and faster.


Never forget to invite your supplier – supplier invitation function

We have reworked the supplier invitation function in a way, that you can now invite your suppliers in the process of setting up and publishing a listing. To maximise convenience, our developers went the extra mile and built in a couple of useful features:

• You can copy an entire list of mail addresses from your mail client in one go (e.g. from old mails)

• The listing owner can see a summary of the invitees and invitation message on the listing page

• When copying the listing, the invitation is copied as well so that you only need to specify your preferred supplier list once

supplier invitation function

Invite your colleagues to Metalshub – master user invite function

Master users now have the possibility to invite colleagues to Metalshub so that they can instantly view, setup and publish listings without the need to wait for approval.

master user invite function

Setup products even faster - default values in product create

To make the product create process even faster for our users, we have integrated default/standard values for the first products in the listing create process.

default values in product create


• As a result of the enormous success of the recently introduced multiple delivery feature, we are currently implementing a call-off function, to also manage the call-offs in the platform

• Based on your feedback, we have started to rework our notification mail management in the platform

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