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New digital logistics tools: view real-time map of disruptions to companies and transportation


May 05, 2020

Businesses across Europe are trying to navigate the difficult routes between shutdowns, overstock and logistics bottlenecks for material suppliers or customer deliveries.

In a previous article, we highlighted the that numerous businesses are faced with short-work and a threat of total shutdown, due to the quarantine measures imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many major car manufacturers, European steel mills, and foundries have suspended major operations, or in more extreme cases, even declared force majeure.

Despite overall easing, transport bottlenecks across Europe and risk of disruptions still exist as the logistics situation remains volatile: “We are currently having issues with logistics delays and availability of trucks. Transports that were supposed to leave several hours ago are still on hold and scheduling new transports is an issue for us as the trucks are not available on hand.”, said a source from a Polish ferroalloy trading company. Despite the fact of general improvement, Metalshub is receiving signals that the logistics situation may remain unstable.

For businesses in the metal industry, it's a big challenge to keep updated with this changing environment. Digital technologies have proven to offer essential solutions in such times of crisis. We have compiled a list of powerful digital tools, to support professionals in the management of logistics services, in relation to the metals trading and processing industries:

  1. Real-time map of border waiting lines and company closures:

    Prewave, an AI-based risk and data analytics start-up offers visibility about company’s closures, border waiting, roadblocks other major disruptions. This is a highly recommend digital tool to help optimise logistics operations. To see their continuously updated live map, sign up and enter the name of the company that you trade with, to check the status of their plant.

  2. Instant quotation for logistics and credit insurance for trading.

    Smart Calculator (SmaC) has been developed for ferroalloy and metal trading businesses and is currently integrated into the Metalshub platform. Here the seller can view logistics cost based on DDP, which is the most commonly used Incoterms® within logistics services from Metalshub. Suppliers can copy these costs straight into a proposal or invoice with just one click. Metalshub co-operates with reliable logistics partners while providing an additional 3rd party overview on the availability and pricing of those services.

Making the ferroalloy and metals market more efficient is the mission of Metalshub. While we are driving the digital transformation in the ferroalloy and metal procurement, we are also supporting other digital tools which help to optimise the processes and increase efficiency. Visit this section to learn how to take advantage of digitalisation for your business.


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