Metalshub kicks off 2019 with new features of its platform!

Last December was our 1st anniversary and we are very happy with all the support and feedback that we have received. In 2019, Metalshub is focusing on improving the platform, and to mark the starting of this year, we are rolling out some new platform changes to improve our user experience.


Most of the upgrades are focusing on the visual design and responsiveness. We are strongly committed to providing new more innovative features to make our platform even more efficient and intuitive for better user experience.

Breaking Changes

  • Updating my company profile: We now provide the possibility for companies to manage their own public profile on Metalshub. Now, our users can enter the company logo, website, and add new delivery locations and new storage locations.


  • Check other companies public profiles: Users can now see the public profiles of companies which have published a listing in the marketplace, or companies, they have received a negotiation from.

  • Credit insurance: Rates have become much more competitive. For some creditworthy buyers, they are as low as 0.03% of invoice value!

  • Order company report: Users can request detailed "Know You Customer"* reports for any company registered on Metalshub by clicking on the button in the public profile.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process where Metalshub verifies the identity of all platform participants to offer a safe and trustworthy trading environment.

What’s next?

Stay tuned for upcoming upgrades that will include (among others) a rating system where our users will be able to rank and add comments to their counterparties.  Also, it will be possible to negotiate the Incoterm rules, among others. Many other new features are planned to be introduced along the year!

We count on your valuable feedback and on our dedicated team to make our platform more intuitive and user-friendly. Please include your suggestions as comments in the "Leave a Reply" field below.

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