Metalshub integrates global price indices

Metalshub continues to expand its price coverage of the ferroalloy markets and is pleased to inform our users and subscribers that from December 2021, over 15 new global price indices will be accessible on the Metalshub platform.

Price Indices

The integration of global price indices will enable users to access a comprehensive range of relevant price data for the commodities used in the steelmaking and foundry industries in Asia, US and Europe within the Metalshub platform.

Price data for global markets will be updated weekly and will be based on the information provided by Asian Metal – one of the biggest metals and steel price source for China, India, United States, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and other key countries.

Access to global indices is available for all price index subscribers at no additional cost.

About the Metalshub Price Index.

The Metalshub price indices are 100% based on real transactions, bids and offer from the digital Metalshub marketplace, which is a fundamental shift in price reporting. The information is collected automatically without any journalistic work, e.g. telephone calls to market participants. This methodology minimises the risk of price manipulation and ensures a more robust picture of real market prices.

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