Metalshub launches FeTi price index

Metalshub continues to expand its price coverage of the ferroalloy markets and is pleased to inform its users and subscribers that since July 2021 a ferrotitanium price index is available for the following specifications: 65% Ti min, 5% Al max lump >10 mm. Normalised for delivery FCA to a major European sea port and pre-payment basis. The index will be updated monthly.

As usual, is glad to improve the offering for the already existing subscribers: those who are currently subscribed to Metalshub's entire suite of price indices will receive access to the new indicator without any additional charge as part of their existing subscription!


Ferrotitanium is commonly used for alloying of steel. The titanium increases the strength and resistance to corrosion of steel. Because titanium is very light, steel alloyed with titanium weighs less than unalloyed steel while providing higher strength and durability. These properties make titanium alloyed steel particularly suitable for the space and aircraft industry.

After Brexit, the EU has no local production of ferrotitanium, so the region is highly dependent on imports. According to Comtrade, EU countries imported around 17,000 tonnes of titanium alloys in 2020. The main suppliers were Russia (49% of total imports), the UK (28%) and Ukraine (18%).

As for all existing Metalshub Price Indices, the ferrotitanium index is based on data from negotiations and contracts concluded on Metalshub’s digital trading platform and represent a groundbreaking change in the way price discovery is conducted in the industry today.

About the Metalshub Price Index.

The Metalshub price indices are solely based on real transactions, bids and offers from the digital Metalshub platform, which is a fundamental shift in price reporting. The information is collected automatically without any journalistic work, e.g. telephone calls to market participants. This methodology minimises the risk of price manipulation and ensures a more robust picture of real market prices.

More than 1,200 companies from the metals industry are registered on Metalshub, generating more than 1,000 bids and offers per month. In H1 2021, trading volume exceeded €400 M.

The index is now available for free. Sign up now to view.  

Written by Alex Andreev 

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