Metalshub Best Supplier Awards 2020

We are proud to announce the Metalshub Best Supplier Awards 2020. The prizes will be awarded based on ratings given by buyers on the Metalshub platform.

This year, we had a total of 550+ supplier ratings submitted by our 300+ buyers on the Metalshub Platform. Stronger usage of our rating function and an increasing number of new buyer-supplier relationships based on these ratings have shown us that building a digital reputation has become increasingly important; in times where we are all condemned to maintain our productivity while being restrained from meeting in person.

With our supplier awards, we feature those suppliers that have managed to build new customer relationships and exceed customer expectations on the Metalshub platform. Our supplier selection is entirely based on on-platform ratings. We find it important to point our that Metalshub ratings are restricted to legally binding deals: they reflect real customer satisfaction and express operational excellence!

The following companies have had an especially outstanding performance; having truly embraced the digital spirit and we could not be any prouder. These are the top 5 Suppliers on Metalshub this year (listed in alphabetical order).

Commexim Group a.s.

Branislav Mikoláško – COO

Roman Sadílek – Sales Representative

Commexim Group a.s. was founded in 2004. Since the beginning we have been specializing in the supply of ferroalloys and non-ferrous metals for foundries and steel mills all around the world. We have also extended the product offering and started selling other raw materials for the metallurgical industry in 2005.

Cronimet Ferroleg. GmbH

Martin Stepper – Head of Business Unit Ferroalloys and Powder Metallurgy

Cronimet Raw Materials GmbH specializes in primaries, ferroalloys, and the powder metallurgy with focuses in the product fields of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, titanium and other minor metals. We provide customized solutions, market understanding, worldwide network as well as a team of well-experienced market experts.

ForSteel S.r.l.

Leonardo Manzaro – Founder & CEO

Davide Biagianti – Sales Manager

ForSteel S.r.l. is involved in the purchase and sale of raw materials for the steel industry for over 10 years, operating in the Brescia area, as well as various international scenarios. ForSteel S.r.l. offers a complete range of products, thanks to a large area used for the storage of materials, with adequate capacity to meet "just in time" requests from steel mills and foundries.

M.P. Diffusion SPRL

Jean Denys – Financial & Commercial Manager

Steve Housard – Purchasing Manager

M.P. Diffusion is a trading company specialized in ferro alloys (mainly) and non-ferrous metals. Established in 1990 by Mr. Delloye, MP Diffusion has grown into a successful business with 7 employees and two workmen.

Nordmet SA

German Veisman – Manager

Nordmet is a privately owned company, which since year 2000 has been trading commodities including Base Metals (Ni, Sn), Noble Ferro-Alloys (FeW, FeMo, FeNb), Minor Metals (Cr, W, Mo, Co, Ta, Re etc). During the process of our development we have acquired specialized production facilities to manufacture products to support our rapidly growing sales network.



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