Manganese Market Insights September 2018

According to the International Manganese Institute (IMnI), the world manganese ore production rose by 1% in September, reaching 1.7 million mt.. Africa and the Middle East had the highest monthly increase, mainly because miners ramped up production in South Africa for 12 months in a row.

Market Insights

Manganese world supply and demand figures released by IMnI in September:

  • Supply was 1.706 Mn million mt, up 1.4% MoM and up 11% YTD

  • Demand was 1.729 Mn million mt Mo, up 0% MoM and up 13.5% YTD

The world production was primarily driven by Africa and Asia with a monthly rise of 4% and 2% respectively to cope with the increasing demand of smelters from China, partly to produce silicon manganese.

The increase in the supply of silicon manganese in Asia and Oceania region was up 3% MoM and up 29% YTD driven mostly by China, partially due to the new standard for rebar steel, which went from 1.2% to 1.5% of manganese content. Nevertheless, the supply growth outpaced demand in around 7.5% YTD.

Silicon-manganese world supply and demand figures released by IMnI in September:

  • Supply was 1.467 SiMn million mt, up 2.7% MoM and up 25.3% YTD

  • Demand was 1.356 SiMn million mt Mo, up 0.4% MoM and up 21.3% YTD

On the other hand, crude steel production remained without any drastic change. The global production increased up to 148 million mt in September, reaching 1,307 million mt YTD. It was 0.7% higher than during the same period in 2017.

The global manganese production is projected to slightly decline in the next 5 years. Meanwhile, the global demand will keep an upward trajectory due to the increase in infrastructural projects, the higher consumption of batteries in the electric car industry and the new application in clean energy technologies.

Major manganese producers are Ferroglobe, Eramet, Vale and South 32.

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Source: Int. Manganese Institute (IMnI)
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