#DigitalDialogue with Yuri Rioneli, CEO of Helvetia Resources

Helvetia Resources AG, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland is one of the world's leading suppliers of a wide range of Raw Materials, Ferroalloys and Metals to Industrial Consumers.


Yuri, tell us please how you got into the metals and mining industry?

My career in trading started and continues in the most beautiful country in the world – Switzerland. Hence the name of our company Helvetia Resources AG. Helvetia is a feminine allegory symbolizing Switzerland. I started as a trader in Inkometal AG, where I gained broad experience in trading steel/metals/raw materials and chemicals. Afterwards, I joined Ferrexpo AG, the 3rd largest iron ore pellet producer in the world, as Marketing and Traffic Manager. A few years later I joined Raw & Refined Commodities AG as COO, where I developed trade with Ferro-Alloys and Manganese Ore and became the exclusive distributor of the North Macedonian smelter – Skopski Leguri.

How long has Helvetia Resources been on the market and what products can you supply?

In late 2015 I founded Helvetia Resources AG. The main commodities we handle are ferroalloys and manganese ore. In 2020 Helvetia Resources AG became a distributor for FeSi in Europe and North America from new production - YDD Corporation LLP, Kazakhstan (who is now the 2nd largest FeSi producer in CIS with 180,000 mt p.a. capacity). We successfully introduced new products and established an excellent relations with customers (steel mills and foundries) and positioned ourselves on the market. Helvetia Resources AG provides financing, logistics with just-in-time deliveries from warehouses in Europe and the USA and tailored solutions to customers. Our customers appreciate our excellent reputation, reliability, flexibility, transparency in our supply chain and high-quality products we supply.

To what extend does Helvetia Resources stands up for the CO2 emission reduction and “green steel” initiative?

Helvetia Resources AG supports decarbonization and hails positive progress by the development of “green steel” by a number of metallurgical mills, as well as commitments by many countries worldwide to reduce CO2 emissions.

What is your outlook for the bulk alloys markets in 2021?

We are already in the middle of 2021 and commodity prices are at very high levels and further outlook is very good also for bulk ferroalloys for the rest 2021. I think everyone, downstream/upstream, should be satisfied. At the same time, there are so many factors that can positively or negatively influence the market, some of which we cannot influence or envisage. The main risk remains Corona, which firstly affects us a people and of course the industry and the markets.

Do you see digitalization as a driving force for the metals markets?

Digitalization is transforming the world, and metals markets are not an exception. More players are adopting digitalization, some faster and some slower. Of course, Corona significantly accelerated the digitalization of the metal markets further. Without any doubt, digitalization facilitates trade/work/communication and many other business aspects. Together with some of our customers and partners who moved the procurement of raw materials to MetalsHub, we also became members of the platform last year and have a very positive experience trading through such a user-friendly and very professionally created platform.

What is your advice for those who dream to dedicate their life to the metals business?

I think hard work and dedication leads to success in life, and the same applies to the metals business.

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