#DigitalDialogue with Michel Smets from Magotteaux

Magotteaux is the world leader in process optimization solutions for abrasive and impact applications in mining, cement, aggregates, quarries and power plants.


What is Magotteaux’s strength?

Magotteaux is present in more than 150 countries and has a workforce of over 3,000 skilled and experienced people who can help its customers with more than just grinding optimization and grinding efficiency. Its technical innovations have changed and will continue to change the industry in the future. Magotteaux uses every possible tool to help its customers optimize their operations in terms of yield and cash flow by combining expert advice with the right products, services or equipment. Magotteaux is continually reducing its environmental impact and providing solutions to help all its customers do the same.

In your opinion, what is the role of digitalization in the purchasing process?

The digitalization of purchasing is creating new communication and optimization tools for the management of purchasing, with the end result being an increase in exchanges, opportunities and, of course, economies of scale. This allows us to remain competitive in a global market.

What are the challenges of a buyer in the steel industry today?

The main challenges in the steel industry and more precisely in the foundry industry are:

  • To anticipate the needs as much as possible, following the supply problems linked to the maritime freight

  • If necessary, to find plans b or c to avoid any disruption of activity

  • To buy raw materials with a price as close as possible to the market

  • Find scrap materials that meet specifications and revise them if necessary

  • Find substitutes for noble materials in order to reduce the cost of alloys

  • Communicate, exchange and collaborate with the sales, production, technical and quality departments in order to meet all the above challenges

Does Metalshub help you to meet these challenges? If so, in what way?

Metalshub is part of the digitalization process and helps us meet some of our challenges, including the essential challenge of buying raw materials at a price very close to the market or even better and finding opportunities. Metalshub is a very user-friendly platform, allowing us to analyse our purchases over a period and of a precise material. Additionally, it helps us to find new interesting offers and provides information on the current markets. Metalshub enables a group like Magotteaux to have a common purchasing platform for its different production units.

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