Four questions for: Rosalba Vizzini - Rubiera Special Steel

Here comes the next edition of our 'Four Questions For'-series! It is our pleasure to interview Mrs. Rosalba Vizzini from Rubiera Special Steel. She shares with us her personal story and her experience with Metalshub.


What is your background? Why did you choose purchasing as your profession?

My educational background began with my university degree, which is in Business Economics. This led to my prior occupation as a sales manager within the ceramics making industry. Throughout the years, I had the opportunity to work internationally and experience many different cultural backgrounds, ranging from the Nordic Countries all the way to the Mediterranean Region (Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Israel, and Turkey) as well as North- and South America. My current role and responsibility came to me by chance, following my decision to stay closer to my children, which began to be affected by my travels around the world.

What are the main products of your Rubiera Special Steel?

Our central product range revolves around the making of special steel ingots that range from 3 to 140 tonnes, destined for forges mainly concerned with the production of components used in various energy industries such as oil, gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation.

In general, which benefits does Metalshub bring to the purchasing of metals and ferroalloys?

i. Identification of new suppliers

ii. Optimisation of the transaction times

iii. Simplification of the transaction management process

Any remarkable experience on Metalshub so far?

I was comfortable with the platform since the very beginning. It helps me speed up the procurement process and manage my suppliers in one go. Remarkable experience? For me it doesn’t necessarily relate to a specific happening, rather I consider remarkable what Metalshub has done to help me in a “modern and digital way” in my everyday working life

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