Four Questions For: Matteo Chareun - Euromet SA

Our interview series "Four Questions For" is going into the next round! This time we are interviewing Matteo Chareun from Swiss trading company Euromet SA. Matteo is an AC Milan supporter who is interested in rock music and loves to spend time with his family.


What is your educational background and why did you choose commodity trading as your profession?

I own a master degree in Chemical Sciences with a specialization in Metallurgy and Corrosion, achieved at the University of Milan (Italy). During and just after the studies, I’ve worked in my father’s company as assistant of the main sales manager. I just combined the metallurgical background and the passion in trading joining the raw material world.

Which products does Euromet SA trade? What are Euromet’s key strength?

We trade a broad range of non-ferrous metals (Ni, Al, Cu, Sn, Zn) and noble ferro-alloys (FeV, FeMo, FeNb, FeTi, FeB, FeW, FeCr, etc) plus a number of specialties for the metallurgical industry.

Euromet is a key player in the European market, with a good footprint in the far-east and in North America. We always keep stock of materials to respond with prompt deliveries to the needs of the end consumers.

What are the market signals that you watch closely impacting the metals and ferroalloys business?

Apart from the usual news sources, we keep a constant flow of information with the top producers of raw materials, and a continuous feedback loop with the main consumers. Those information enable us to be a pro-active player in the trading market, with a clear view of the economic cycle in general and of the specific requirements of the metallurgical industry,

Why has Euromet SA joined Metalshub and which benefits do you expect?

Metalshub is true to its name and for us is really a Hub where our Metals can be exchanged with final consumers around the world. It does not substitute the normal personal contacts and relationships that we have and love to keep with our customers, but easily merge with them to provide a better and more comprehensive service to the market.



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