Four Questions For: Claire Wang – V-Resource Ltd.

We continue with our “Four Questions For”-series! This time we have the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Claire Wang from V-Resource Ltd. who works in the International Marketing Department. She shares with us her interesting career in the manganese market, her dreamed job and her successful trading experience on Metalshub.


Claire, what do you do?

I am responsible for manganese metal and manganese alloys. I started my career with manganese 8 years ago when I joined the company V-Resource Ltd. in 2011.

We are active in manganese around the world. We produce in China and Vietnam and we are quite professional in this field. We can provide customized material for different applications such as steel making industry, foundry industry, powder for the welding sector and aluminum manganese tablets for aluminum smelters.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Actually, I enjoy communication with people from different business sectors. You can get knowledge about people’s thinking about the business and also about the way how they are doing their daily business.

You know in different areas, there are different cultures. When you communicate with these people it brings this very traditional business more alive, active and attractive.

Well, I would say that this business is more traditional than what I expected when I first joined. It turns out that there are many, many ways to do the business. People love to join conferences like this and get to know about what is going on in the market. For example, now we have Metalshub in this very traditional business, so everyday there is something new jumping into the industry. That is something that I am enjoying a lot!

When you were a child what was your dream? What did you want to become?

To be honest, maybe this answer will sound a bit strange to you. I dreamed to be a war journalist because I see that war is not a good thing for the world, for the people. But as a journalist similar to what we are doing now, we can interview, use cameras to make some records of the war and show other parts of the world what is happening right now. And let people know that we need to be a better person, for the world and for the society.

You are a registered user and you have done transactions over Metalshub. What do you like about it?

First of all, I would say that I am the luckiest one. I made the trial transaction this summer. It was our first transaction through Metalshub’s platform together with a major steel mill. 

We both felt that it was very convenient and user-friendly to use Metalshub. When you are doing a very traditional business like metals and ferroalloys business, it is much easier. I remember well, it was in the morning, we finished the transaction with a couple of clicks. Everything went very fine. Perfect! We are very satisfied with Metalshub. I am pretty sure that we will use it a lot.

Secondly, we have received a lot of messages and alerts on a daily basis from Metalshub announcing new customers and new opportunities that we had not _known before, and that brings us new opportunities to expand our business._

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