Four questions for: Anna Klochok - VLCor Baltic OÜ

We continue with our “Four Questions For” series! This time we have the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Anna Klochok, the International Sales Manager of VLCor Baltic OÜ. She shares with us her opinion about the performance of the market during this 2019 and her perspective on the upcoming year.


1. Where are you from? What led you to the metals business?

I work for Estonian metal trading company VLCor Baltic. Although I am fairly new to the business, it totally fascinates me, because for me, to work in the metal industry is to influence almost every area of life: from electronics to aviation, to mining, to medicine. This realisation of the contribution to the development of the world is very fulfilling.

2. What is VLCor Baltic’s position in the industry? Which products does the company deal with (metal and non-metal)?

VLCor Baltic has a broad experience in international trading. We supply materials from leading world manufacturers of raw materials to ensure an excellent quality of materials and the shortest terms of supply. The products we deal with are: non-ferrous metals (Al, Cu, Ni, Zn, Sn, Pb, etc); refractory metals (Mo, W, Nb, Ta, Re, V, Cr etc); ferroalloys (FeCr, FeMo, FeV, FeW, FeNb, FeMn etc); metal powders (Ni, Co, Mo, Zn, Sn, Pb, FeCr, Cr and iron powder); titanium and titanium alloys; rare-earth metals (Nd, La, Ce, Y, Eu, Dy, Pr, Sc, Sa etc); and industrial chemicals (MoS2, CeO2 etc).

3. How do you foresee the European ferroalloy market in 2020? Any specific challenge(s)?

Over the last couple of years there was a sharp slowdown of the ferroalloy market growth, as well as the world economic growth. Despite positive long-term forecast, growth in the near future may be undermined by uncertainty about the trade environment. Specifically, we expect European ferroalloys to continue to trade lower going in 2020 due to a downturn in vehicle production and sales in Germany, weak business confidence in the UK associated with uncertainty over the Brexit process, and overall slowing in steel production growth.

4. What opportunities do you see for VLCor Baltic when using Metalshub? What benefits does Metalshub bring to the metals trading?

When using Metalshub, we expect to gain new mutually beneficial partnerships and increase our sales volumes in the ferroalloys market. Because the platform is simple but detailed and multifunctional, it allows us to not only participate safely in international trade but also to display our products and connect much faster with other market players. With these features in mind, we hope for Metalshub to become a gateway to secure deals that will benefit more metal producers and traders worldwide.

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