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#DigitalDialogue with Mara Azevedo, Rotavi Industrial, Brazil


June 01, 2020

Rotavi Industrial is based in Várzea da Palma MG, Brazil. The plant has a capacity of 72 thousand tons per year for the production of ferroalloys (FeSi75%, FeSiMg, FeSiZr, Inoculants, and Silicon Metal), with a quality control laboratory, furnaces of the highest quality, safety measures, and experienced professionals who have unquestionable market know-how. All of this supported by a robust quality system ISO 9001 certified by Bureau Veritas.

Metalshub: Tell us a bit about yourself - how did you end up in this industry?

MA: I have been working for more than 30 years in the international market with a focus on negotiations and foreign trade operations, always related to the metallurgical industry.

Metalshub: What fascinates you the most about this sector?

MA: The diversity of materials, and the importance of metals for nearly all industries.

Metalshub: What is special about your company, and what does it offer to customers?

MA: Our high-tech furnaces are prepared for the fabrication of the highest quality products. Our entire raw material supply chain is quality certified. Our experienced team perfectly meets all technical requirements and productivity demands. With these advantages, we can offer our customers the very best quality ferroalloys, conforming to the highest international standards. In addition, our entire team of sales people and technical assistants work very closely with foundries to develop solutions to optimize production yield, reduce scrap output to zero, and achieve complete customer satisfaction with our products.

Metalshub: How is your company dealing with the current Covid-19 outbreak?

MA: We have five committees on different fronts that all complement each other:

  • Action committee to protect our employees against the disease
  • Action committee to maintain employment for all workers during this period of crisis. The Administrative staff are working part-time, and the commercial team is working from home
  • Company survival committee during the crisis: we directed production and sales to our FeSi75% product
  • Market resumption committee: guarantee product availability when foundry operations resume.
  • Post-crisis committee: we intend to learn from the crisis, and we'll use the lessons to implement best practices across the company

Metalshub: What significant changes do you expect to see in the metals and ferroalloys market in 2020, and how will your company adapt to these changes?

MA: The foundry market has come to a near standstill due to COVID-19, especially the whole automotive market chain, which represents a large part of the ferroalloy business. Our goal is to step up marketing efforts, to reduce the impact of the crisis.

Metalshub: How do you predict the future impact of digital technologies on the metals industry?

MA: The impact of digital technologies will be increasing for all businesses, and we have already learned a lot from this crisis. Rotavi is aware of new technologies and wants to be an innovative ferroalloy company in this field.

Metalshub: How is your company leveraging new digital technologies - and for what purpose?

MA: We have a robust internal ERP data system for process control of the manufacturing, commercial, financial, and accounting operations. We are also adopting digital sales platforms such as Metalshub to engage in fast and direct online transactions with customers, to once again increase our market share. We see a very prosperous synergy emerging between Rotavi and Metalshub. In addition, we are also quite present in the media, we have a new website, and we continue to invest in other marketing activities. But we want more. We want to be a leading company in digital technology adoption to facilitate our communication with the market entities and improve our relationship with customers.

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