#DigitalDialogue with Santiago Rodrigues - Purchasing Engineer from Metso Outotec

In this edition of our #DigitalDialogue series of interviews, we invited Santiago Rodrigues - Purchasing Engineer from the Metso Outotec foundry in Brazil. We had the pleasure to meet Santiago and his team in person and kick-off the onboarding for Metso Outotec to use Metalshub as their Procurement Solution. It is exciting to visit customers again in person and drive digitalisation in the metals industry in South America.


Can you please introduce Metso Outotec? What are your activities in Brazil?

Metso Outotec provides equipment and services in the mining industry. We are pioneers in sustainable technologies, solutions and end-to-end services for the aggregate, mineral processing and metal refining industries worldwide.

What are your responsibilities in Metso Outotec?

I work mainly in the procurement of production materials and casting supplies. More specifically, in the procurement of raw materials and development of new suppliers, products and technologies.

What are your requirements for onboarding new suppliers?

Suppliers must prove that they are able to supply Metso Outotec by meeting all the and .

What do you like most about your job?

The dynamism in face of the countless challenges that arise daily and the need for constant learning about the most varied themes. There is a great need to be updated all the time about everything that happens in Brazil and in the world.

What are currently your biggest challenges in procurement?

Since the start of the pandemic, maintaining the company's operations is already a great challenge in itself, considering the unbalanced global market and its effects. With the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine the situation has become even worse. In this scenario, the imminent risk of material shortages and uncontrolled inflation are presenting themselves as major challenges of the moment.

Do you have ESG and sustainability requirements for your suppliers?

Yes, we have ESG requirements and we conduct sustainability audits on suppliers in order to monitor operations and direct them to a more sustainable production process. In addition, we are currently starting the process of monitoring CO2 emissions in our suppliers.

You have been a Metalshub user for some, what are your experiences?

So far our experiences with Metalshub have been completely satisfactory and we have not had any problems. The tool is very useful, intuitive and therefore easy to use.

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